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me photu-grapher !!

22 Jun

there is a proverb in hindi .. it goes like ” bander ke haat main sheesha ” dont kno english version .. 😀

this is like i got cam-cell. these pics r my work … he he !!

in this post m not goin to bore u guyzz wid my stupid ideas n so called PJs , coz these pictures speak them selves ..

so go ahead !!….

I dont think this bulidind need introduction….

the place in campus were people enjoy sitting outside then inside ….

sports village ….. frm terrace of OBH

sunrise from ….

sunset at ………

I juss like this pic dont kno why !!

Now here is some brain work for you …

guess wht is this thing ??

which place is this ??

guess in which wing n which floor the photogarapher is standing ?

xtra rewards to guess the room

picture story !!!

20 Jun

Let me have the privilege to introduce you to the characters of this story







it was a just a usual day .. oops did I just say day .. sorry, my mistake, actually it was night.

We guys were doing so called BC n stuff.

Like teasing akash,

making food at Mess

n washing clothes …

Hey who let this pic enter here!! Its highly restricted area for such stuff.

The pic above might be some one’s photshop works . i dont wash clothes !! well …. whatever

lets go on with our story

So , sica came into my room(with his Reshamiya looks) . n said

Abe ek ultimate phodu idea aaya hai !! (hey!! I got an awesome idea) why not we guys go to that santro rock at top of the hill, n become the first IIITian to xplore that place “

well m not sure that we were first or not but I kinda like tht like

hobit said :-

” Whatever I m not intreasted !!”

raghu said:-

“Are you nuts you are going to climb that thing, its f**king risky!!”

I said :-

“@ hobit – you go n do fire in the hole :p

@raghu – What is risk ? … ha ha ha !!

We are goin guyzz !! “

So , we … means .. me , sica, keser n chauhan .left early morning …


Annnn….. actually it was late in the evening … well who care !!

So after facing lots n lots of difficulties .. (sry cant show all those pictures, images might be harmful for kids !!)

We finally arrived at the rock.

But we got stuck. How to climb the rock …

sica said :-

“He he he !! tell me .. how u gonna climb this thing up .”

keser said :-

“Let me do some thing .”

And soon keser build a stone staircase.

But still he wasn’t able to reach the enough height. Just then by the mercy of god, four stone guys (we found them on stone!!) came to help us.

So, here we are!! At the top of santro rock !!

Yhe !! IIITians rocks … at the rock.

So happy ending of my story !!

“Hey where’s my part !!”

well … no bad guyzz in my story :p !!

and you got the party na !!

Njoy !! cheers !!

whats up doc ? whats cooking ?

15 Jun

Here is the story of our khichari(actually was tehri or can say pulao). As any usual day, me, kesar, chauhan n bajpai were having Yuktahar. Food was okish(tell u the truth, we were eating coz we had paid the money ). Anyways, we saw some of our great seniors making rotis, and then some of the gals from our batch also joined in. The young blood in our body also jumped, we should also do something. Then chauhan forced me to go to vinayak ji n ask him if we can help n I did. And, we end up with a promise of coming next day n making khichari.

So, breaking thy habit, I woke up at 10.00 n made sure that all others are on the planet, took shower, got dressed & left exactly at 11.00. The three crooks, oops sorry, the three cooks, on our mission, arrived at the war land. There were lots of vegetables and other stuff to fight against us. But knifes were on our side. Then the war started, we all fought bravely, cutting each n every rotten part of vegetables, we cleared our way to presser cooker. But we were weak coz there were no spices on our side. We had just salt, red chili & turmeric powder, rest all already left (u know what I mean). But we didn’t loose hope n continue fighting. After putting the remains of vegetables in cooker we closed the top & did same to the rice after some time.

But the war wasn’t over then, coz we had to feed the civilians. We waited for rice to get cooked, n we waited n waited ….., but nothing happed , centuries passed but nothing happened ( we broke the record of Birbal anyways), people were starving to death. Then vinayak ji rose from the background with a bigger stove with him. Bingo, we creaked the nut.

When pulao was about to serve, I was kinda worried. What if the vegetables haven’t died? What if they had poisoned the rice? But god is great every one liked our pulao.

And hence great great @nks had once again saved the day ( with the help of his frnz !!).

ass-ingments !!

9 Jun

( This story is based on a True incident and it is related to living or dead person !!)

Using short terms for long words isn’t a new habit. So is the case with IIIT guyz. But some times it creates such n amusing situation that you can’t hold your laugh. I thought of writing this blog long before. But didn’t have that much gut to use, some should not kind of words. But some force inside me telling me that people need to know the truth. It is my duty to serve my nation by revealing all the hidden truth and dark secretes in the chest of weirdo’s mind. Ok I won’t bore you any longer, going straight to the incident.

In first year we guys use to get a lot of assignments, specially “C”. Normally 90% of the batch made folder named ass1, ass2, …. for saving assignments in 205. The thing I want to convey is ass was short form for assignment.

So, there’s my friend (cant use name, security purpose J ) say Mr. Y . He has done the assignment with a little golmaal(SCP n stuff – u know). So, when he showed his assignment to one tutor say Mr. Z, he caught him n refused to accept his assignment. Now, Mr. Y, totally frustrated writes a mail to other tutor (who has a soft corner for him) telling bout what has happened to him. See what he wrote.

Dear Sir,

I was wondering if you could help out of this problem. Actually, yesterday I showed my ass to Mr. Z. After examining it, I don’t know why, but he refused to accept it. He was claming that the ass wasn’t mine. But, I swear, that ass was mine, I didn’t even have a look at other’s ass. He was saying that I will not get marks for my ass in future.

Please help me out with it. I am ready to show my ass to any one. I can prove that this ass is mine. I didn’t take anyone else’s.

Yours faithfully

Mr. Y

This post of mine is deeply regretted.