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some clarification on my previous post(pay-package formula)

26 Feb

It’s good to see someone write about your post, n that in IIIT Buzz. I saw comment and thought of clarify the doubts in this post.

Fist of all in the equation

Package = f(CGPA, knowledge, personality) + g(CGPA, luck, time) + c

“f” is a linear function. But the coefficient of the variables varies form company to company. And its non-causal, because this function is solely depend on the person concern.
“g” is a random process as I mentioned , or else we can say it’s a non-linear n causal function its value could be negative or positive.
“c” is same as before.

About Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle:
Its states that “The more precisely the POSITION is determined, the less precisely the MOMENTUM is known”

Here we can apply it on “g” as:
The more the value of luck affect the value of g, the less the value of CGPA, and the vice versa.

It is not an uncertainty in determining the value of “g” but the uncertainty in the effect of those two variables on the equation.

Now about the comments

@ ak_84:- your comment was sort of favoring my equation.
But about time, I think it counts, because as time passes the economical environment, the number of job offers, the policies of company changes. And there r lots of factors which directly or indirectly affect the package depend on time.

@ halley:-as u said that attitude should be included as an independent variable. Actually “f” here is linear function of personality and attitude is sort of variable of personality ,

f= x*personality + y*f(CGPA, knowledge)

Where , personality = a*Attitude + b*p(other variables)

ð f = x*a*Attitude + x*b*p(other variables) + y*f(CGPA, Knowledge)

hence , package is indirectly a direct function of Attitude.

I guess all the questions are been answered, any further quarries will be welcomed.
n thanx a lot for giving your precious to my post !!!

movie stars after 20 years !!!

26 Feb

Manisha koirala

pretty preety


Mr. Bacchan

Akshay Kumar

Amisha patel

Karina Kapoor

Anupam kher

Ajay Devgan

A.R Rahman

rekha- the ever gree

equation of job !!!

25 Feb

This is too much for me. Three posts in the same day.
Actually, the comment of Mr. Cipher forced me to write it.

He mentioned an equation:

Package = F[CGPA]

Where F is a random process. But he forgot to include one most important variable i.e. time, which should always be present in a random process.

neways , he unintentionally suggested me , a good toic to write on..

So, here is my equation of offered package:

Package = f(CGPA, knowledge, personality) + g(CGPA, luck, time) + c


CGPA u know

Knowledge – knowledge of stuff

Personality – ur physical appearance , ur communication skills etc .

f– is a function with all these 3 variable , m working on the exact equation using past yrs figures.

g– is a random variable , which changes with time n luck.

c– is a constant which is added buy the institutes prestige (u can say it is the threshold of job package)say some 2 lac

in “f“ the share of CGPA is about 15%

the share of Knowledge is 55 %

the share of Personality is 30%

where as in “g” share of CGPA decrease as the luck increases

but totally random as time increases or decrease

@nks theory of ray-line!!!

25 Feb

Have u ever seen a ribbon, must have, so think about an infinitely long ribbon. There are infinite many such ribbons. Swinging in different direction, but mind it “not random”.
Take these ribbons as a plane path. Like a bridge without any support, got it! Now try to recall your geometry lessons. Here I m showing new definition of some terms:-

Point – a newly born child.
Line – living being (female can be extend from both side , both ends r same)
Ray – living being (male can be extend from one side only , ends r different)
Length of line – present age of the being
Path – life of being
Width of path – max length of line

Birth of point:-
Let me start it from the birth of the point (Let me mention here that I’ll use the geometrical interpretation only). Every one knows that when two lines intersect they generate a point. But here no two lines intersect only a ray n a line can intersect. How will this happen? The answer is, only when the paths intersect, and like the opposite poles attract, opposite paths (paths with line n ray) will intersect only. Intersection of path give rise to a new path which is merely random (random in the sense for line or ray) this will decide the future of the point generated, whether I’ll grow into a line or a ray.

Development of point:-
As I mentioned before the growth of point will be decided buy its path. So as the time passes the point will move forward in its path. This motion is random, either incautious or wise. But as the length of line (or ray) increase the random ness decreases. It hits the wall of its path many times, but then continues moving. The other paths also affect its motion, how? That I’ll discuss later.

Death of the line (or ray):-
When the length of a line (or ray) becomes comparable to the width of path. It starts getting stuck sometime, during its motion. And then when the length become exactly same then during its motion it’ll get stuck there forever. This stops the growth of the line (or ray).

There r lots of attributes of this theory to be explained. But due to time shortage. I m stopping here, will explain them in next post. Please write in your comments, it would be of great help for me.
Thanks a lot for spending your time reading this post .

placement – 2006 !!!

25 Feb

m not use to write blogs !! but somethin inside me is forcin me to write one .

u must hav read the placement reprot of dis year , by gautam . it is the first time i saw de xact figures wid CG . n its quit relieving tht many guyz got better job then the da person havin better CG then them.

i use think , tht CG is to differentiate between the smart n less smart ppl . but, i was so wrong, its true tht best CG got best job . but its not a linear relation ship .

i was pissed off last night , because of my ADC marks . i was thinkin tht m good for nothin , but thanx to gautam ,

this remind me one thing wht handa said tht study for knowledge , not for CG . may be his philosophical thoughts hav weigth. neways i wont bore u nemore , so if ne first yrs r readin this then one sandesh for them-
i hav no tips to convey , coz m still watin for mine :p, so just study , njoy – 30:70, coz these day will make ur golden memories …
for da ppl who hav less CG – remember CG dosent metter 🙂