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Happy people on the Facebook

15 Nov

Before I start, let me tell you … I’ve written this assuming that you know the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side” and the social networking website Facebook.

I believe most (except for the self satisfied narcissists and Mark Zuckerberg) of the Facebook users see the others’ updates and think to themselves, these people have so much going on in their life.

Of course not exactly these lines, but yeh most of the vella (jobless), office se thakela (job tired) ya chila hua kela (banana peel jobbed) resort to the website, mostly stalking old love, brag about their phoran trip, post their ugly picture edited and posted on empire-state building with a graffiti artist standing beside it, watching videos stupid people poking themselves in the eye …. and this is just the beginning of the list.

But the point is, we all (when I say we all I m speaking on behalf of all guys in their mid twenties) still feel like giving a nutcracker kick to the lafandoo (a term I don’t really know the English word for) from school for posting a picture with what appears to be a rather better looking gal, totally out of his league.

“See, even he’s doing better … I got a degree from MIT but he got the girl …”

Some times I feel, most of these people are like small time MBA graduates, and they are marketing their life … see who can portray their one’s better than other. And of course, comments and likes are your earnings … of course they don’t know where the apogee to this is ….