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How to increase blog hits

29 May


PS: And here goes my 150th post …

the killer

18 May

She was standing there,

Looking at me with disgust

I’ve seen anger before

But this expression was first



I was thinking of some excuse

But the brain was jammed

And she was staring judgmentally

Like I’ve been condemned



The crowd around me

Was unaware of her presence

They were celebrating loudly

But I was covered with silence



The feeling of triumph

In a click, vanished

The cheers were like

I was getting punished



I can no longer look

into her eyes full of hate

Coz I killed her mate

Just because he was a snake



PS:- It actualy happend in front of me, 9 years back when i was in school … The poor creature, unfortunately found its way to the playground from the bushes it was hiding with another one. And I couldn’t stop my “trying to be daredevil” friends…

PS:– I don’t if the other one was a she … assumed coz it add some drama to poem … 😀

PS:— posting a poem after ages … no. of incomplete poems is around 12 … why can’t i complete my poems…

Nano Parking

12 May

Tata’s 1 Lac Nano will be on road’s soon. And if we go by predictions, there is going to be a huge parking problem with the mass sale of this car (apart from high oil consumption and heavy traffic). Being a responsible citizen of the glorious nation of United and secular states of India(on paper)  i’ve come up with a RAM-ARROW (raambaan) soluiton. Have a look…


PS: just don’t forget to carry a black (preferably red) sketch pen with you.

The Lemonade Blog Award

11 May

The Rules

1. Thank the person who was so thoughtful for giving you this award by linking their blog to this post.

2. Put the logo on your blog or post.

3. Nominate 10 blogs which show great attitude/gratitude.

4. Link your nominees to your post.

5. Comment them to tell them about the award they’ve won.

Thanks a lot Ayesha, for giving me my first blog award… vaise bhi, i love lemonade, any time I choose it over softdrinks …


Although I am too lazy and too selfish to pass on this award to any one …so, I’ll keep it for myself …

well on a second thought … I’ll dedicate this award to the graduating blogger batch of IIIT (hyphen) H. I hope the same blogging entu after the college …

PS: – Thanks you… thank you all for this gesture … 😉

about the boardings and the advertisements

8 May

1. A cleaver advertisement by a fitness center, exploiting recent shoe throwing incidents, frm Times of India New Delhi. (please excuse my mobile cam for the blur)


2. captured at Mahabaleswar, (i know i know this is probably how its spelled in marathi, but in hindi …)


3. This one is from Cine max hyderabad, (Peeing has never been this fun, unless u’ve been suffering from the pressure for 3-4 hours)


4. Yashwantpur (bangalooru) railway station, (i know there is only one mistake, but the funny part is, there was more spit on the board or around then any wall…


5. This is the Ledgendary Disclaimer board belongs to Mount Opera, Hyderabad (try counting no. of mistakes)


PS: Probably another Desperate attampt to blog.


4 May

meetingAfter 200 meeting and 400 pages full of doodling, i can safely say … it’s proved …

Assuming, the subject(attendee) isn’t allowed to sleep, and is always equipped with a pen and paper in every meeting.

PS:- after fifty day long pause … i m back baby yeh … (Austin style)

PS:– It has happened first time in 3 full year life span of this blog … a full month with out a single post.