A tryst with the destiny !!

9 Jun



Namste, you?

You don’t know me, I m you late husband’s friend.

I knew all of his friends, but you?

We never got a chance to meet actually.


How are you?

Me, as usual!

How are the kids?

They are good!!

How are you daughters?

Well!! Both of them are married, have their own family to take care of. You know na! So many responsibilities, but they do visit me every year.

What bout you son?

Arun? Mmm… he has lot of work you know. His boss can’t even breathe without him. But he always makes time for me. He visit me very often, he is not like those lousy kids of those old guys who don’t even care if their parents are alive or dead.

So, you are not old?

I didn’t say that? But you are as old as you feel, and whenever I m with my grandchildren I feel much much younger.

When is last time you met them?

Oh!! Few weeks back I guess.

Hmm.. You have grown old.

No I m not. I am as young as an … mmmm… mm… as an … I don’t remember the word. But I m not old.

Exactly that’s what I was saying.

That I m not old.

No, that your memory has gone weak. You have started imagining things.

What are you saying?

Listen!! No one, no one has visited you since past 3 years.

3 years?

Anyways I have to leave.

Hmm.. Good to see you! Good bye.

What good bye? You are coming with me?

Eh? But they don’t allow us to go with strangers.

I m no stranger. I m you husband’s friend remember! And he has sent me here to take you to him.


Yes! Mrs. Pal! Come on its time to go now.

Oh! But I want to spend my last minutes with my own.

We are going to them only and they are up there. Not here … not in this world!!


 PS:- switching from wit to senti… 😀

PS:– Loosing interest in  BTP work… 😦

PS:— Didn’t know all of my senior friends will turn “kanjoos” … no even a single treat this time. X(

PS:—- life sucks …. but zindagi rocks …


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