Please change but not for me

15 Jun

So here’s a thing about people, be it your family, friends or colleagues. Every single one of them have a suggestion for you, things you need to change.

Say for example, you don’t like hurting people by saying no to their request. And you end up doing things you don’t like, going to places you don’t wanna go.

Now, your close and concerned friend will tell, dude grow up… learn to say no. Do what you like.

It takes some time but you starts to get it, and starts practicing it.

Now, the same friend comes to you asking for a something you totally detest but used to agree to do before. Now when you deny (After this person’s suggestion) you are changed. You are not the same friends as you used to be.


Don’t get me started on the relatives now ….


So effectively the conclusion is … You can’t escape it. You were born doomed ….

4 Responses to “Please change but not for me”

  1. Richa July 12, 2011 at 3:44 am #

    LOL. Born doomed.

    Did you tell this friend the “No” directly or was it a hint. Wondering how a person who has never said no will say it. Two, does your friend know that you detest it? Three. When (s)he complained did you confess you denied because, well, it’s not your thing? Chaar. Yeh tum soch rahe ho “You’re not the same friend” ya usne kuch kahaan hai aisa.

    Kamaal hai yaar. Karna bole tho sirf voi sochke karo, nai tho lite le lo. Yeh karna nai karna, karna nai karna dono ek ee baar sochre tho aisa ee ‘otha sabku. Kya hai ki tum.

    Vaise tum raste ke beech mein chal rahe ho. That is always dard bhari. It will take some time for people to accept your no, even if you say it the right way.

    Agar tumhe ehsaas ho gaya hai ki pakka (breaks into dil kya kare remix music) “Dard eeeeez…. alll around you! Dard eeeezz knockin’ on your dooar,” tho isme vohi karo jisme zyada khushi chupa ho. Apne aap ko atleast utna pehchaan lo tumhe kisme zyada khushi hai.

    *mumbles to self* Aaayi hai madam subah subah muft ka nuska bataane. Hm.

    • @nks July 12, 2011 at 3:53 am #

      hmm.. so you are going through my blog today morning …. naaice ..

      this was written out of frustration … will tell you the details, when we meet 🙂

  2. peter August 15, 2011 at 9:03 pm #

    I really like this,thank you . In looking at it in a different perspective it is gonna be very helpful. NO!!

  3. sumon November 24, 2013 at 2:25 pm #

    Really i think same to you.

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