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The ‘U’ Word

1 May

“Uncle, Please pass the ball”,

“Uncle, Can you help me out here?” ,

“There it is Uncle” …



If you get to hear the ‘U’ word more than once a day, from more than two kids … Well congratulations you’ve just graduated from Bhaiya(brother) to Uncle. All of us, well in their mid twenties, have to go through this painful phase.

Like increase in hair-fall, the first white hair, gain in waist size and of-course nagging for marriage at home wasn’t enough. The vicious little kids have to refer us with the ‘U’ word every frikin time.

This always remind me of a particular character from a very popular 90’s TV series Hum Paanch, Certain Miss Pooja Aunty. She use to jump 4 feet if one of girls call her Aunty. It used to be super funny back then … I guess now I know her pain!!

On the same line there use to an advertisement for hair dye, Don’t remember the brand exactly … but in that add too there was the lady who realize she’s getting old after a young boy calls her aunty … and she immediately resort to the anti-aging miracle the kesh kala.Since I can’t locate that add on the Internet … Enjoy this instead … 😉

Though I’ve only come across examples of unhappy females … but let me tell you, we guys are not so fond of the ‘U’ word either. And lucky for ladies … they only get the Aunty tag after getting married.

Of course, It’s the phase of life we all have to go through eventually, but the only thing is we are never seems to be ready to accept it.

It’s funny, how we always prefer being called a MAN instead of a BOY but we are still allergic to UNCLE and feel cozy with the word BHAIYA.


19 Oct


Out of all the things RED depicts,

One thing is common the emotional extremity,

The RED attire of the bride,

Personification of purity,

RED cloth tying her and the groom,

Representation of integrity

Out of all the things RED depicts,

One thing is common the emotional extremity.



With the big RED letters

They write the word ‘danger’

And so the expression of going RED

Is used for extreme anger

From sweetness of RED apple

To the spicy hot RED chili

Out of all the things RED depicts,

One thing is common the emotional extremity.



RED is the color of blood

It is a vital part of the living,

Then again the color RED is

The symbol of sorrow and mourning

From the socialists RED flag

To the reason of bull’s insanity

Out of all the things RED depicts,

One thing is common the emotional extremity.

PS:- BTW if you are wondering about the image … that “red” written in ‘webdings’ font.

Least we can do

26 Aug

It was another rainy Sunday afternoon; no one was home except a lethargic person deep in sleep (that would be me).

Doorbell rang


Rang again

I lifted my body off the bed; cursing the visitor I opened the door…

There were two guys, mid twenty, with folders in their hands and smile on their face. They were about to leave when I opened the door (Damn! Bad timing).

I thought they were neighbors, since we had never interacted, I asked to come in.

Well, as it turned out soon, they were wipro employees, volunteering for CRY.

Now, it doesn’t take a genius to understand why they were here.


Before I go further, let me state a fact – “I m really bad at saying no, usually I can’t, specially to strangers”

So, they explained me the donation thing and all, and as I saw in the paper the donation amount was mentioned, reluctantly I chose the minimum amount, that was Rs. 1200.

Wrote them a cheque, filled the form, dedicated it to mom (they had some) and done.

Then they went to the next house and I was left cursing myself for giving donation after a salary reduction.

I got over the regret in few days, till today when came across this video through Facebook

And then this post,

We see things around us, think to do something and after some time just forget. That’s what happens almost all the time.

Well, then I received an email from CRY, to thank me for the gesture. And for the first time, I was glad that I wrote that cheque.

I really appreciate the work pulkit and samvedana guys are doing. I know most of us don’t have that much time or/and dedication to put in so much effort.

This is the LEAST WE CAN DO.

Does every thing happens for good ?

11 Aug

“Arre, jo hota hai acche ke liye hi hota hai” … “come on man … cheerup everything happens for good!!” almost all of us have so many times heard this and have told this to someone. But I still fails to believe it…

Let’s take it this way, the human life (Life(t,h,s,p) ) is a random process with time (t), himself (h), his surroundings(s) and his past (p) as its variables… now when one gets an unfavorable output of the function called Life(), he either stay disappointed or be optimistic and live on.

Now, in both the cases he is actually controlling his future … buy not ruining the past … hence later on Life() will give a positive o/p… also, the since the process is random hence the o/p can’t be same all the time … and things will get better someday …

Now, there’s a glitch we say everything gets well in the end … but how would one know what is end? The ultimate end is death and I don’t think most of the janta would classify it in “THE GOOD” category.

If u has got confused about what I said in previous three paragraphs … then I’ll summarize it in two lines…

Life is not like 20-20 match, where u can expect a result in 3 hours…

Its like a test match where you keep on playing till it gets draw…

स्वयं लिखी कु्छ पुरानी कवितायेँ !! part-2

3 Jul

पेशखिदमत है, धूल सनी diary से उठाई गई एक और कविता

हल्का बहार अँधेरा है,
सर्द हवाओं का डेरा है
कोहरा है सन्नाटा है,
नज़र नही कोई आता है

मायूसी कैसी छाई है,
कर्हाती हर अंगडाई है
हर चाह दबी हुई दिल की,
किस चाह से बहार आई है

महीनो हो चले जब प्यार से,
पीठ किसी ने सहलाई है
क्या अँधेरा इतना गहरा है
की साथ नही परछाई है

उत्सव के इस माहौल मैं क्यों
तन्हाई सा आभास होता है
होटों पैर मुस्कान है पर क्यों,
दिल अंदर ही अंदर रोता है

halka bahar andhera hai,
sard havaon ka dera hai ।
kohra hai sannata hai,
nazar nahi koi aata hai ॥

maayoosi kaisi chhayi hai,
karhaati har angadaai hai ।
har chah dabi hui dil ki,
kis chah se bahar aayi hai ॥

mahino ho chale jab pyar se
peeth kisi ne sehlaai hai ।
kya andhera itna gehra hai
ki saath nahi parchaai hai ॥

utsav ke is maahaul main kyu
tanhaai sa aabhaas hota hai ।
hoton per muskaan hai par kyu,
dil ander hi ander ro rota hai॥


सच्चाई यह है की किताब मैं केवल पहली पंक्तिया ही थी …. बाकी सवयं बनायी, पर संतुष्टि नहीं प्राप्त हुई

तो मेरे प्यारे पाठकों अब यह आपका कार्य है की पहली चार पंक्तियों को अपने तरीके से पूरा करेंसर्व श्रेष्ट प्रति को पुरुस्कृत किया जायेगा* 🙂
हल्का बहार अँधेरा है,
सर्द हवाओं का डेरा है
कोहरा है सन्नाटा है,
नज़र नही कोई आता है ॥  ……….”

So, The truth is, book had only 4 line of the poem and rest i mad up just now … although i m not satisfied with what turned up… so here is a work for all the creative mortal being who come across this post… complete the poem and post it as comment …. the best one will be rewarded*.

*terms and conditions applied 😀

PS :- Finished 1 month in the corporate world.

PS :– Never thought this life would be so boring.

PS :— On this public portal, i m announcing it loudly and proudly … I hate Arjun Singh.

PS :—- coming up next … a tag post, watch out … i m gonna tag u .. u and yes u too.

PS :—– Its becoming harder to reach even 5 PS these days.

PS :—— some tell me a good book to learn Cpp from, give that i already know C.

PS :——-  … AYBABTM …

Are you religious?

24 Apr

Am I religious …

to tell you the truth, I was religious, I was believer … I use to think that there is some force beyond human beings, a god whom we all address with different names.

But now my perspective is changed a bit now I m loosing my belief, on god and destiny. To me express my present belief in more technical terms …

Now I think every thing goes on in this world is a random process but with interdependent variables. Anyways this post is not about explaining that random process but about the religious beliefs.

Although I doubt the existence of god, I still go to temples with my family, read Ramayana and pray to god. Now why is that …

May be for my family, so they won’t think their son is an atheist or may be for the guruji so he wont think his favorite shishye is corrupted or for the aam janta so they wont think I m abnormal.

No, none of them … I think including me … most of us are religious to live a tension free life. Because deep inside every one has this belief that with all the pooja path their misfortunes wont last longer. And as I said every thing goes on in this word is a random process, things and conditions keeps on changing. Some day things get better.

It’s like the way we learn cycling, it’s our belief that some one is supporting us from back to save us from falling make us learn riding bicycle.

PS: – Delhi is 42 degree Celsius these days… now I understand why delhi gals are smoking hot.

PS: — I was hoping much much better performance from IPL (Deccan chargers) Hyderabad team after kickass ICL (Hyderabad Heroes).

PS: — All those people who think having cheer leader in cricket matches is lame can go and start watching aastha channel.

PS: —- Another little birdie told me that MTV Rodies lost half of its viewers after kicking shambhavi out.

PS: —– Trip to Kanpur was great, attended a marriage ceremony after 4 years, now I know what is called dancing all night.

PS: —— It is almost impossible to find a proper road in Kanpur, and I guess it is the only place where you’ll find a world class mall in the middle of most underdeveloped region of city.

PS: ——- About meet an old friend after almost 16 years … very exited.

PS: ——– And finally I have one thing less to think bout before I sleep.

PS: ——— Adios amigos


29 Mar

Its been long since I have posted any thing here, too busy
or too lazy or too senti or just whateva :D.


Anyway, want to thank Karan for the tag,


Finally I got time to do it, so here it goes …


My greatest fear …


Actually it’s pretty baffling question to answer. I wasn’t
able to arrive at one acme of all. So, thought of writing top three fears, in
no particular order.


  1. Fear
    of messing things up
    : – I have always had this fear, every time I’ve
    been given a responsibility. That’s why usually avoid taking a decision.



  1. Fear
    of growing up
    : – Seriously don’t want to grow up. Unfortunately it’s
    some thing unavoidable. I know soon I’ll be like every grown up.


Day– office problems Night– Home problems


And then won’t be able to escape by
telling myself, “bade log samhal lenge



  1. Fear
    of getting rejected
    : – Little personal to share.



  1. Fear
    of being alone
    : – As every one … doesn’t want to loose people I care
    for. I always wish I die first …




Well, this is all I can think of … there might be few more …
but mind is too preoccupied.


I tag …


Sica, Sultan of samarkand, Badri, Daka, Jags, Raguram, Ranjai, Chauhan, Bajpai


Really want to know what you guys fear from ….


PS: – Wrote last exam of my B-tech yesterday.

PS: — 15ys of schooling 4yrs of B-tech, all clean record …
is clean no more.

PS: — If u haven’t seen it till now then do check this viral video, superbly hilarious.

PS: —- obviously the Song of the day :- o-zone – Dragostea din tei .

PS: —– You can download the song from here.

PS: —— And do check ORB’s Video collection … its awesome.

PS: ——- Signing off … talli hoo …

Strange Incident

28 Feb

Well, I was at the subway yesterday, enjoying “sub of the day”. And there were two school couples sitting at the table next to mine, chit chatting. There were 4 trays lying on their table, with all the leftover on it. After they were finished they got up and left.


After few seconds, entered a bit bulky white woman (i.e a non-indian). For all those who have not been to the Hi-tech City subway, it’s quit small place with only three tables there to sit at.


Anyways, to my surprise this white woman took all the four trays left by brown people, emptied them in the garbage collector and kept them on the tray panel. Then she occupied the place.



And I was left thinking … are we really modernizing?




(And also how good it would be, if our college will have a Subway: D)



PS: – 99th Post …

PS: — 10th post of this month …

PS: — Got tagged by karan, 101st is going to be on the same.

PS: —- song of the day: – I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

PS: —– 1 month left.

PS: —— It’s a Goodbye ps …

बहारें फिर आयेंगी !!

14 Feb

Well, this poem i wrote to cheer up a friend of mine … its not from the legendary “Dhool saani diary” but will soon compile few from that also.. !!

So, this poem is dedicated to all those guys, who are …. well better leave it unsaid.

फूल फिर खिलेंगे दोस्त,
घटायें फिर छायेंगी |
पतझड़ बस ख़तम होने को है,
बहारें फिर आयेंगी|

जानता हूँ मैं मेरी ये बातें
तुझे लगती बेमानी हैं |
एक तालाब सूख गया तो क्या
देख बहती नदियों मैं कितना पानी है |

ये कालिमा बस इक रात कि है
सुबह होते ही ये भाग जायेंगी |
पतझड़ बस ख़तम होने को है,
बहारें फिर आयेंगी|

समझता हूँ मैं तेरा दर्द
मुझे भी है एहसास |
पर कभी कभी कीचड़ को
कमल नहीं आता रास |

जितना तू सूचेगा
यादें उतना सतायेंगी
पतझड़ बस ख़तम होने को है,
यार !! बहारें फिर आयेंगी|

मानता हूँ मैं कि भूलना
नहीं होता आसान |
पर एक शमा बुझ जाने पर
नहीं जलाते अपनी जान |

देख जब तक तू मुस्कुराता नहीं
मेरी कवितायेँ तेरा सर खायेंगी |
पतझड़ बस ख़तम होने को है,
बोल रहा हूँ न !! बहारें फिर आयेंगी|

(if u can’t reas devnagri (hindi script))
phool phir khilenge dost
ghatayen phir chayengi
patjhar bas khatam hone ko hai
bharen phir aayengi !!

jaanta hoon main
yeh baaten
lagti bemani hain
yeh talab sookh gaya
to kya hua ….
dekh behti nadiyon main
kitna paani hai

yeh kaalima bas ik raat ki
subah hote hi yeh bhaag jaayengi
patjhar bas khatam hone ko hai
bharen phir aayengi !!

samajhta hoon main
tera darad
mujhe bhi hai ehsaas
par kabhi kabhi keechar
ko bhi
Kamal nahi aata raas

jitna jyada tu sochega
yaaden utna jyada satayengi
phatjhar bas khatam hone ko hai
bharen phir aayengi !!

maanta hoon main
ki bhooljaana
kaam nahi hai aasaan

shama bujh jaane per

jalate nahi apni jaan

dekh jab tak tu muskurata nahi
meri kavitayen tera ser khaayengi
phatjgar bas khatam hone ko hai
yaar !! bharen phir aayengi !!
PS: – No ps dis time .. !!

Relationships – 2!!

13 Feb



LLobe – What do you know about relationships


RLobe – It’s relatedness or connection by blood or marriage or adoption.


LLobe – I don’t think so, relationships are most complicated of then that.


RLobe – Well, I think it is binary. Either I know a person or I don’t.


LLobe – OK, you know who fills water for you in mess.


RLobe – Yeh! I do. He is really kool guy, serves me water before any one else.


LLobe – So, you know him. Well what’s his name?


RLobe – How should I know?


LLobe – So, you don’t know him?


RLobe – I know him by face, but what’s with all the details?


LLobe – That’s precisely is my point, that there is degree and extent to which you know some one.


The Dhobi, whom you had stop giving your clothes since 3 years, still welcomes you with a warm smile whenever you pass him while going to mess.


The annoying security guard instead of asking for ID-card, congratulate you for getting a job and asks for a treat.


The OBH evening tea-samosa guy helps you with your stuff in a stuffed local bus.


The person who fills your glass in mess, tires hard to steal some conversation with you.


The canteen owner, with whom you had a big argument about the quantity of rice in fried rice, gives you a life to railway station early morning.


There are so many people around us whom we don’t know properly, half of their faces we can’t recognize in crowd, but some how we are connected to them. If this is not relationship then what is it?





PS: – Damn, I am missing my puns. Why suddenly all philosophical ?


PS: — Felicity 08 was real fun, a big hand for all the organizers again specially, Karan, Harsha, Himank, Subroto, Kiran, prashasti, Saurab, Chand,  guess have to write full attendance list of 3rd yr, and 2nd and 1st yr.


PS: — Went for the concert by Goethe Zentrum. Free tea and snacks at ITC Kakatiya. What else does one want?


PS: —- All night DJ at HCU … man parties never end …


PS: —– Going to Barcamp-5 at Google’s new office, register here if u hasn’t.


PS: —— Happy saint valentine’s Day to all the female readers of this blog :D.


PS: ——- Confuse about what to buy for your valentine need unique ideas, this may help.

PS: ——– Guess which dead blogger is Mr Y here. Its time for reincarnation Mr Y.

PS: ——— shabba khair … !!