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desperate to fall in love !!

31 Jul

Read some one’s blog just now. Oh my god, how could some one be so sweet , so innocent , so loving , so caring, so….. ( vocabulary problem). I mean I never thought that she would fall for a geek like him. I hate those guys who were making fun of her ( should say their) feelings , I even hate my self for this … how could I be such a ……. moron , idiot, jerk ….

I should have read that much before satirizing it. I feel so ….. no words .

Hey sorry dude ,what ever I said I never meant it. You know me.

signing off with one last sentence (desperate to fall in love !!)

this is not done !!

27 Jul

Blogging after a long pause. Went home, blogspot got blocked n assignments of microcontroller … n blah blah blah .. lots n lots of reasons. But past few days something happened which forced me to fetch some time to write.

I guess many human beings had already presented their views bout it. Here is my point of view, about ragging issue:

I hope u guys have got my point. ( samjhne vale samajh gaye hain jo na samjhe vo DISCO hai ). I too feel, the measure taken by the management, bout this ragging issue are much worse than their sin (if it’s called so).

Last word: Relations with 1st yr won’t be same as they use to be before.

We’ll miss you guyzz !!