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final test post !!

14 Oct

this is my last n final test post to check whether SMR’s blogroll is able to display my blog or not !!

adios !!

Test Post again … :D !!

12 Oct

well ,
As SMR’s blogroll is not able to fetch RSS feedback from my blog, since I shifted to Blogger Beta. I have been trying every way to get my name on that page …
This is to test whether, turbo’s suggestion works or not.
so, if u r reading this .. plz leave a comment to let me kno tht u read it :p !!
I mean through SMR’s blogroll !!

Note :- i kno i can check the page to see whether my blog appear there or not … but still 😀 !!

adios !!

test post !!

11 Oct

test post plz ignore 😛 !!

This is called an awesome night.

11 Oct

Date :- 8/10/2006 time:- 11:00 PM
Well it all starts with a wake up call from chauhan. He commanded me to cancel my dinner (it was canceled though)

So, cutting long story short we went to pizza hut. I had great time n 10 pieces of pizza , thanks to our sponsors turbo , harry n saini.

Ya! I forgot to mention one thing, saw one of my frnd’s … there with some other guy. Ch ch ch poor man …. (not my frnd the other guy :p)

Some of our seniors were also there … I mean the first year alumni. Well they were enjoying with there old buddies so, we chose not to interrupt.

They are Office dudes now. But one thing I noticed that some of them have put on weight. I mean they were looking healthy as compared to how they were at IIIT.

What does this implies?

@nks theory says:- IIIT suck you blood more then the boss of you company.

He he he !!Hey, I got distracted from the main path.

So, what I was saying … ya !! well, we had dinner. Akash, reminded us about the dandiya n garba thing.

We thought, actually me n akash though that we’ll finish this fast and then will leave to IIIT.

But, reverse happned … 😦


We managed to reach IIIT at 10:30 PM. Guys n gals were dancing on some panjabi number.

And some thing worse happned , I was there standing under the basket holding my stomach n cursing my self for having 1 extra piece.

But even pain couldn’t prevent me from dancing when I saw dancing divas with dandiyas.

Last line went little too mendaciously.

Actually my ache was temporary, n vanished after some time.

So, me n akash entered the crowed, n started throwing our hand n lags in random direction.

But the best part came at the end, when I played dandiya.

This is the place where I should mention that ….

I m very thankful to Sugandh n his team for organizing dandiya and garaba night. It was awesome…

And thanks to pinky for teaching me some steps. 🙂

And in the final concentric-bi-circular dance, I got chance to dance with my dream …… :-“>.

Don’t ask me who is she…… !! keep guessing though :p !!

Is there anything left to mention … i don’t any one would have read it till here …

If you are reading this … then … thanx for your patience 🙂 !!


n me signing off with this super short note…..

tada :-h

Random post .. random poem .. n blah blah blah !!

1 Oct

I never favored random posts .. its like u don’t have to say any thing still you are rambling utter crap …

(Hey !! I do it everytime !!)

Anyways, in this post I swear to god I’ll not make u endure my excursive idea.

(yhe !! no one saw my crossed fingers !! )

It’s been long since I wrote anything … by anything I mean anything sensible.

Don’t remind me bout exams. Coz what I write on answer sheet is barely apprehensible to me. God knows how the examiner understands it.

Hey! I promised that I won’t write anything other than crap … come on it’s a random post for heaven’s sake!

My, connection got disconnected … connection .. I mean my cell phone. Well, my net was also down for 2 days .. by grace of our great new sys admin. And now this, me! the poor lazy thing have to go, all the way to Abids to get my phone in working condition back.

What else should be included in a random post …

A senti poem …

Once upon a time when I
Was looking at the sky
I saw clouds hissing
Thundering n pissing
A drop fall into my eye
I said – “why god why?”
Suddenly I heard a sound-
“Hey u !! At the ground
U r so ungrateful dammit !!
Should thank me that clouds don’t shit.”

So shitty … I mean senti poem …

I guess enough of boredom for u guyzz today ..

Anyways, not getting more ideas for this random post …

So, signing off ….

tada !!