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Another year …. is here

31 Dec

what are you all excited for …
things will still be the same
as they were before …

nothing is going to change …
life will be slimy and stinky
and shit will happen again …

you have lost one more year…
did any thing change
yeh! see Death is more near…

I know I sound pessimistic …
but that is how it is
life is about less pat and more kick

but yah! there is “the hope” …
some thing good with come along
there is probably some scope …

well, lets forget all this tonight…
to hell with the philosophy
lets celebrate and get tight…

Orkut’s Worst 5 pickup lines !!

24 Dec

It’s been almost 3.5  years since i’ve joined Orkut (a social networking site). I found almost all my long lost friends there. But this post is not about thanking Mr. Orkut Büyükkökten, although I m thankful to him :D.


Orkut has served as a great dwelling place for all the cyber Romeos. And as always some are smart, some are lame … but to make it to the worst 5 u got be the lamest …


Well here are the worse 5 I came across…



At No. 5 we have

Mr. Kunal


hi poooooooooo mujhse dosti karogi?
aap soch rahi hongi ki aap to mujhe

janti bhi nahin hain phir mujhse dosti

kaise karengi?
Koi baat nahin , jab hum is duniya

mein aate hain to kisi ko nahin jante,

par jaise jaise bade hote hain waise

waise naye naye rishte aur dost bante

jate hain, hai na , am i right?
aur jab tak kisi se dosti nahi karogi tab

tak use janoge kaise?

Dosti karogi na?
Is it possible or Impossible?

Don’t say impossible bcause the wrd

impossible says itself that
am i right…………..

(yawn!!  Is that a pick up line or pickup passage?)






No. 4

Mr. Kabir



Hello, mam

We have not met, but I m sure u are very beautyfull as your pic.

And aapak nature bhi bahut accha hoga.

Pata tab chalega Jab main aapse miloonga,

Miloonga tab jab dosti hogi …

So, make my friend.

(And this was a testimonial)





No. 3

Mr. Ranjeet


im frm idgah hills
can we guys b gud frndz

(Dude it’s a gal … you are a guy … come on  focus)




No. 2



dude you look so sweet 

can we make franz

(Now you are killing me !! dude –> guy  ….. no gal … “Gee you  why”  guy)

(And the second line … don’t get me started on that …!)


And now,



No. 1

every 3rd Romeo


Hi, I wanna to make friendships with you.

(Yes!! finally you said it … i m sure all the ladies are dying to read those golden words)



Congratulations to all the winners … n I’ll be back soon with worst 5 punch lines of hi5. Till then keep checking this space.



PS :- Thought of linking to their profiles, but that would be a little too much i guess.

PS :– Will be out to Bangalooru from 25-28th … 

PS :— 2009 is here …. god … its almost the end of another decade.

PS :—- if u have not already then plz go n read this one … my stomach is still paining because of the uncontrolled laughing. 

PS :—– Any one know bout an in budget newyear party ?? 

PS :—– Ok Baai !! 

Duck Bush Duck … !!

16 Dec

well, i guess by now every “Informed” being must be knowing bout the shoe throwing incident. And for all ignorant, uninformed mortals … here is the glorious moment again.


and again from a different angle …

The expression on Bush’s face didn’t change … may coz his face is expressionless … but the thing which is worth noticing is that Maliki didn’t look surprised at all … it was like he was expecting this …. or he planned this … !!!

I don’t know what will happen to the poor journalist, Muntadar al-Zaidi … but Bush will remember this moment for long long time …!!

Anyways … I was watching this video on some site called … ebaum’s world … there were 1000+ comment on the incident and some of them were sooper hilarious …

So this what xactly the Americans think bout Mr. Bush !!

All that terrorist training they go through and they still f#$%ing miss!!!!


Now if that was Obama getting shoes thrown at him. You know the race card would have been pulled. Oh wait, arabs like Obama. Never mind.


Obama would have caught the shoes, dribbled them back and slam-dunked them back down the guys throat……


Lawl!!! Bush has secret ninja reflexes against Middle eastern shoes, every president goes through ninja training their first month in the white house!


… shoes? what self-respecting sand cricket wears shoes?? … I hope they hang him by his shoelaces… silly sand cricket, shoes are for people…


It was intended to be a biological weapon, as he wore those shoes for 3 months straight without taking them off or showering…little does he know that Bush never takes off his shoes or showers, so his attempts were futile.


shoulda been a f**king grenade


And finally: I told the Prime Minister that this is the last time fly to Bagdhad on “Air Jordan”


lol, thats the most insulting thing to do in muslim culture, its like taking a middle finger and making it fire a bullet


This Iraqi has the guts to do what gutless Americans (including me) should have done a long time ago. But I would have chosen

— I would have chosen potatoes


“…and president bush was not injured…” uh, no shit


The fucker missed…twice!!

— A wasted opportunity…..


thanks for the freedom… now I free you with my shoe, bitch


to bad it wasnt a nade. a video of bush getting fragged would be way better. as u can see it sailed over his head, yet if it was an explosive projectile it would have splash damage and be way more brutal… and funnier to watch.


Bush should have have thrown the shoes back and yelled, “bitch!”


They left out the reason why he threw his shoes! Just before, Bush said “The war is not over,” which upset the reporter and
makes his quote, “This is a farewell kiss, you dog!” make sense.


Homicidal Shoe Terrorist strikes again


This woulda been great if you saw Bush bend down behind the podium, and come back up and start chuckin his shoes. Then he sticks his tongue out at the guy. I’m hungry for tacos.


Wow..even though Bush is pushing old age he still has the moves. This further strengthens my theory that he is an android.


… ironically, the shoes were “air force one’s”



PS : – Here is the link to the site

PS :– No offense meant to the Bush…….

….. I have in my backyard. Rest all please feel offended.

PS :— I so wish Mr. LAAdvani was there instead of Bush.

PS :—- Actually the wishlist is longer … but yaa he tops the list.

PS :—– Why is it that, as soon as i get used to wordpress, they change its format.

Foot Note :_______________________________________________________________

Corporate Slave:- if u spend 22 hours of your weekend working at office.

And I hearby declare my self of being one … !!


techi-cooking — Kadhi (कढ़ी)

11 Dec

Kadhi as wiki puts it, is a traditional North Indian dish like soup that is eaten with rice and roti.

Now, Being a Corporate slave … cooking after work is real pain in the neck, specially when u come home @8PM. But making a kadi is comparatively simpler than making any curry … but it asks for a lot of your time.


This Monday {5 weeks back} i tried my hand on kadhi, fortunately for my roomies , it turned out fine …

As Gyan baantne se badhta hai … so here’s my recipe …

Browse through your fridge and kitchen racks and get these on your slab (i.e. ingredients)…

1. besan (chickpea flour)

2. dahi (Curd)/ (butter milk)

3. haldi (Turmeric powder)

4. lal mirch (red chilli powder)

5. Ghee

6. pakode/boondi (optional)

now this is how i made kadhi…

Pakora :-

got pakode from market after getting back form work … its quit easy to get them in hyd … but make sure u buy dal ke pakode not the rice one.


take besan {75 gm}, vegetables : onion, green chili (optional) {two each}, water, salt, red chili powder, garam masala (optional). mix them well n make it thick. then boil the oil and u know how to make pakoras and don’t forget to slip some down ur throat.

Kadhi :-

then take curd {100 gm} then mix {200ml} water (i had the buttermilk {300 gm} in fridge when i made butter out of cream u can use it also) add two-three spoon full of besan and quarter spoon of turmeric powder. Now you have a very light yellow colored mixture with you. Put it on the burner, mix some salt and keep stirring till yellow color of kadi appers. Keep tasting it to make sure nothing went wrong. Now drop the the pakora’s if u n friends have not finished them by now.  Stir it for one more minute and then take it off the burner.

Its not finished yet … the most important part … mmm.. actually the second most important part is left … it called Chounk (छोंक) I donno wht is it called in English.

Chounk :-

Take a small pan, add two table spoon of oil and put it on the burner. Now add 1/4th spoon of each Cumin Seeds (जीरा), mustard seeds (राई), asafetida (हींग) and coriander seed powder (धनिया पाउडर), few curry leaves (कढ़ी पत्ता), ½ spoon red chili powder and garam masala{if available}. If हींग is not available you can use garlic instead … work like a charm.

If you start feeling like sneezing then mix the mixture with the kadi peacefully resting on your slab.

Your kadhi is ready to serve now, garnish it with the coriander leaves or just eat the damn thing up.

PS :- Kadhi doesn’t look very delicious from the pic, just because of the camera limitations.

PS :– This may not be the perfect way of making kadi … but worked owwkay for me.

PS :— Posting after a long long time … even this post was lying in drafts since 5 weeks.

PS :—- Hopefully will be writing more often …

PS :—– All the best to all the 4th yrs @ college. For xams n placements …

PS :—— Wont be able to come for first Alumni Meet … 😦

PS :——- And before i forget to mention, I hate the Tolichowki area…

PS :——– If anyone knows someone who deliver home made food @tolichowki … phaleez let me know …

PS :———- Chalo then …. bah baiii !!