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16 Mar

Thanks Karan for the tag … so here goes the “list most played songs on Winamp” from my …



System @ Home


1.  Alive  – Perl jam

2.  A love for life – yanni

3. Bebot – BEP

4. Tumko piya dil diya – Anamika

5. Speed of sound – coldplay

6. Wherever I may roam – Metallica

7. I’ll always love you – Whitney houston

8. Unchained Melody – Righteous brother

9.  Novenber rain – GnR

10. O meri jaan – Life in a Metro





System @ Work


1. Don’t Worry Be Happy – Bob McFerrin

2. Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd

3. Aarambh – Gulal

4. Careless Whisper – George Michael

5. Alive – Perl Jam

6. Tujh mein rab dihkta hai – RNBDJ

7. Liquid Dance – Slumdog Millionaire

8. Emosanal Attyachaar – Dev D

9. Happy Together – The Turtles

10. Joker – Steve Miller Band

PS:- karan didn’t leave any one for me to tag … so anyone who’s not been tagged is free to take the tag …

Gulal – review

14 Mar

I don’t write reviews … this is probably my first review … but when I saw such a bad response from audience for such an exceptional movie, I couldn’t resist.


I am not an Anurag Kashyap fan, I enjoyed Dev D but I was not awestruck as I was by this one. It’s a movie which reaches to your brain and squeeze it so badly that either you can’t stand the pain and quit or just enjoys it till the climax.

I don’t know about Rajasthan, but spending my teenage in MP, I’ve seen how filthy college politics could be. I could so relate me, you, any one to Dileep Singh played by Raja Chaudhary. That is what exactly happens to many bright students who are just there to study but ultimately end up loosing themselves, just because they get sick of being called fattoo.

And there is one name which should be praised more than Mr. Kashyap for the movie, and that name is Piyush Mishra. He is the Music Director, Lyricist and Actor in the movie. There’s no doubt that songs of the movie are outstanding and have been placed so perfectly it carries the tension and mood from the beginning to the end.

Gulal is pleasant break from the usual ha ha he he ho ho cinema. I would strongly recommend this movie for two and a half hour of tryst with reality.

The Bestest holi

11 Mar

Dear blog,

This is has been my best holi so far. I did so much today you know…

I slept at 3 AM last night and was mercilessly woken up by the maid. She is such a sweet lady I tell you … so over punctual, I asked her to come at 11 AM … but she rang the bell at 8:45 sharp…

You know its so much fun to go down 2 floors and open 3 doors for the maid when you are half sleep. And my flat mate, such a nice guy he is, didn’t get up to open the doors though he was awake.

Anyways, she cleaned the house and I fell on the bed again … sweet dreams till 11:00 AM.

After rise and shine I went in the kitchen to make breakfast cum lunch … or should I say “brunch”…

So, I warmed milk, and made uthapam* which tasted like shit … nothing is more satisfying then wasted feeling with crappy food to eat…

And it stuck 1:00 PM on the clock. So, I switch on the PC and here I am with you, scribing down my brain out…

BTW, Happy Holi …!!



PS: – Uthapam is some thing I m good at cooking … but today was a f***ed up day.

PS: — Missed holi celebration @ college.


10 Mar

There is saying – “opinions are like *a body part* every one has one”


so, untrue … !!


Actually less than 1% people have some genuine opinion ..
70% just assume that to be there opinion … because it sounds cool to them …
and more than 28% just to stand out of the herd, form the opposite opinion then others and starts calling them stupid …
and less than 1% mortals actually accept that they dont have any opinion …



PS:- This is my opinion …. !!

What’s up with orkut

3 Mar


is it just me … or programmers at orkut are lacking some basic knowledge of english grammar ??