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Reality show, are they actually real!!

25 Dec

Every TV channel is flooded with various Reality shows, the new raah of sucking money out of viewers. which is also the name of a reality show. I guess the saas bahu stuff is loosing it magnetic strength of attraction human beings towards the idiot Box. The theme of these shows is same, cashing the emotions weather its real or mere acting. If there are “normal human beings” then it’s good and if there are celebrities then, awesome. Recently I saw one series, some Big Boss or some thing. Bahhh !! same funda of saas bahu type. What reality, I bet they are acting. Same conspiracies, making teams n same old family drama stuff. I was surprised to see people desperately waiting for its telecast every day on the other hand they say they hate all those Saas Bahu melodrama. Ironically, these types of serials are at the top of charts and making hell lot of money.

Bahh!! I m bad at this essay type writing. Well! My mentor suggested me to start writing something in “Proper English”. Some thing, with minimum wit and humor. Anyways, this is my first try. I know normally people write pages, then just a mere paragraph. But … what the hell …

Yesterday, i noticed that I have been using “What the Hell” a lot in my blogs. Actually these three simple words are very versatile. U can use them where ever u doesn’t want to give a reason. 😀 !!


Present status :-

· Just added another post to the collection of my “random rambling” posts.

· Becoming addicted to Hyderabadi language … using bahhh and kehte , jaate… a lot .

· Just one mid sem this time … yhipee !!

· N yah Marry (Tumahri Sabki) X-mas and hpy nu yr in advnc!!

proposed placement policy -2008 !!

22 Dec

This year’s placement is going pretty well, most of the guys have got their dream job. This time IIIT may cross 5 lac average … who knows!!


While going through new placement website, I came across this page , which states …..



Future Initiatives

Listed below are some of the proposed initiatives for the placement season 2008:

  • Post academic year placement season
  • Common Placement Test (CPT)
  • 10-to-15-day placement season (a very brief placement season, unlike in current and past years)
  • Mini career fairs each day (= this means around 10 employers each day)
  • There would not be dream and non dream classification of recruiters; all recruiters would be treated on par
  • Students would be allowed two offers each

This is the topic our batch has been talking bout past few weeks.

Well !! here is my analysis of the proposed policy … after all its going to decide our future …

· Post academic year placement season

Merit: – may reduce the competitor, specially, who got selected in CAT n MS some where …

Demerit: – Don’t leave much time for off campus if one didn’t get his dream job.

Also may result in loss of 1-2 month pay

  • Common Placement Test (CPT)

Merit: – May reduce the number of exams a student has to go through.

Demerits: – there is a proverb in hindi – “har din diwali nahi hoti” , i.e. every day can’t be yours, if under some circumstances a person couldn’t perform well that day … his future is ruined.

Also, the syllabus n all is very different not only of ECE n CSE.. But of VLSI, Communication, CVIT, DBMS n all … if there will be a separate test for each of this stream then what if one wish to sit for the company of other stream …. Or does one have to give all the exams …

  • 10-to-15-day placement season (a very brief placement season, unlike in current and past years)
  • Mini career fairs each day (= this means around 10 employers each day)


Merit: – 45 days tension is reduced to 15 days…

Demerit: – During the 45 day session, at max 10-15 days a company come for a guy of a particular stream. So his tension is of maximum 10-15 days.

Once the interview is over his tension is over. But if we shrink it to 15 days then he’ll be stressed for the whole day may be… Or if each day has one company then, we had come back to the same figure of 15 days…

If all of this is about reducing the stress a student go through. Then what bout the tension he’ll have till the placement session starts … when all of his friends have got placed at other institutes, while he is still waiting for his ….

  • There would not be dream and non dream classification of recruiters; all recruiters would be treated on par
  • Students would be allowed two offers each


Merit: – I didn’t find any advantage in it.

Demerit: – well!! Previous rule was, one person can take 1 dream job and one 1 normal one…

Now suppose a guy has already got a dream job, n he managed to get another. Now, this has reduced the opportunity for other to get that dream job… and hence he has to satisfy him self with a normal one…

And I am sure that there is 100% possibility of happening this… All in all ……… for an average student …


Well this analysis is solely based on my knowledge, and only the provided article, I don’t know if there is further modification to it, correct me if I m wrong any where …


Present status :-

  • pissed off !!
  • not in mood of writing any more PS.

how geeks dance !!

22 Dec

hobbit was continuously asking me to upload this perticular video …. i had finally uploaded it .. with a bonus video .. ..

i know!! quality isn’t good …. 3gp files. n that too 128×128 reasolution … what else you expect from it …

here is the video….
how geeks dance :-

and the bonus….
how hyper geek dance :-

Present Status :-

  • suffering from stomach ache …. may be food poisoning.
  • Don’t know the title of BTP, n description .. haah !!! how to fill the damn form.
  • People got there marks increased in CN quiz . X-( #$#$&@#
  • what else … yah

Adios !!

mega micro party !!

19 Dec

yah yah !!
i know it’s little late for a post bout microsoft party .. but I wasn’t at the institute past 2 days … anyways i got the chance to be there courtesy our seniors @ Microsoft …..The party started with boring fatte of some guy , Jimmi Moses i guess .

we weren’t listening to him anyways …. obviously checking out the crowd 😀 . Can’t u figure it out from Hobbit’s face !!

n yah !! also the food stalls !!
Hey !! don’t get bluffed by the number of dish table .. every table contains same set of dished 😉 !!

But the Party came to its full swing, when shaan came on the stage ……

n i was this close to him … !!
n thts not my hand .. m not tht mad bout celebrities … 😀 !!

For me !! the party started when the DJ came on the stage … he wasn’t awesome .. but okish ..
anyways … who cares what song DJ is playing when you are on dance floor .. rite ??

And here is Mr. Hobbit after a blooper …. I would love to but cant talk bout it here . But it made us and other to “lol” n hobbit to “col” he he he :p !!

All in all a party which you starts like this ….

And end like this …

adios !!

My present status :-

  • Got f****d really bad in CN quiz …
  • This BTP thing is killing me ….
  • so many projects …. to do this sem ….
  • The only thing i m enjoying @ campus is the dance worshop….
  • saw Dhoom-2 again ….
  • ok i said before, i wont follow this thing of PS sheepishly …. but wht the hell …. 😀 !!

Thy shall read this post !!

12 Dec

Past few months I was kinda busy .. not academics obviously. Actually, I developed a new hobby (if u calls it so), Downloading. Yah !! this is the main reason I couldn’t write.

Some times I thought of writing. Even wrote half a page, but never completed ..

Anyways .. this time its gonna be different ..


“Thy shall not ignore blogging “…


Where did this come from …


Well it’s a long story … cutting the crap out … here’s the thing …



“Thy shall not buy books “. If u think it is one the ten commandments, then u r wrong :D.

This is the 11th one, founded on july-04. Actually I started believing since my close buddy, survived 5 semesters with out buying any book. Strange haan!! But most strange thing is, he phoded almost all the subjects.

But 3 day before he did some thing, I am ashamed to talk bout. He bought a book. You know!! Actually buying!! Paying for it in cash …

So this is to declare that he will be counted out of the community …

Now u’ll might think y m I telling this useless story to you ..

Actually thr’s a 13th commandment … and i.e. “Thy shall not speak rubbish in gibberish, can use Engish”

Ok!! please don’t curse me …

even I m not able to make out meaning of … what i have written !!

chaos …