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Decision done !!

29 Jan


I had to make a decision, after a long brain storming session I finally made one. It was tough though, but in the fight of music and health, health won. Yah !! I bought a Bicycle.


Hope I’ll stick to my daily cycling routine.


PS :-

  • Finally my passport form has been accepted; hope no more problems are stacked.
  • Drove Bicycle all the way from koti to institute, not legs but butt is paining.
  • Have to submit CN assignment on 1st Feb, Don’t even know the a,b,c of socket programming…
  • Don’t have much time to write, got to complete the presentation for BTP.


So signing off…

People I like and Dislike

24 Jan


Well this post is just a byproduct of my sleeplessness. So my lovely readers……… bear it !!


People I Don’t like

  1. Person who keeps on saying that they don’t care what others think, they’ll do what ever they like.
  2. Person who use slangs loudly in public.
  3. Person who support regionalism. Yah it’s true… and quite common in IIIT.
  4. Person who don’t stand by his word.
  5. Person who tread people of lower grade with disrespect.


People I like

  1. Person who laugh on my PJs.
  2. Me, myself and I. 😉
  3. People who like me. 😀
  4. Of course counter part of above mentioned human beings.
  5. Still searching her…… :”>



Till now no one has tagged me L. So, what!! I m tagging …















And every one in IIIT Blogroll. 😀



Present Status:-


  • Frustooness meter (pointer ++);
  • 5 projects this semester …… I m dead man.
  • Handa has finally recovered, chalo meri jaan bachi :D.
  • Chauhan didn’t stand by his word… (got 3/5)
  • Bought passport form, too lazy to fill it.
  • BTP target 40 papers b/w 20-25th jan …. 1 down just 39 more to go…
  • Confused which one to buy … a Bicycle or an Ipod… ne suggestion??
  • No more PS …

updates …

18 Jan

• Holidays over …
o in case u didn’t notice :p

• Read 1.5 Research papers (out of 8) given to me as holiday gift.
o My nerd score 97/100 😀

• Discovered signs of Aliens visit to Bathrooms of OBH.
o Haven’t read newspaper since 2 days.

Deep started downloading his Deep thoughts from his mind to a Diary.
o Crypto students got new assignment.

• Handa fall sick, coz of a sick bet.
o But, Panjab ki laaj rakh li …

• Keser made new records of watching “cheeni-jaapaani”.
o Soon will break CD’s (records are out of use now days).

• Gaining extra pounds day by day … help!!
o Dollar will do but no pounds.

• As per my New Year resolution I quit fattebaji.
o Those were the longest 30 seconds of my life.

Ok bye :p