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A Roller Coaster Ride – book review

22 Feb

I don’t write book reviews, hell I don’t even read a lot of books. But this particular book kind of forced me to do so.


Few days back I was browsing through infibeam and came across this book thought it would be a good time-pass for a boring journey. How terribly wrong I was.

It was a big bag of cliches with really bad proof reading. I mean I know I am not a grammarian myself, rather really bad at it but people at Sristhi Publishers have surpassed me hands down.

And to add to my frustration there were really really positive review for it on flip-kart and Infibeam, but when someone called it a masterpiece … a part of me literally died.


The writer of the book, seems to be very confused so he fused all the mirch-masala possible in this book, and ended up cooking a dish which doesn’t even look good, leave alone the taste.


Story : well I tried thrice writing it down … but fell short of words to describe to stupidensiocity of it. (of course that’s a made up word, sue me)


Why Am I so frust : Because I being a cheap, bought the original book and being lazy, read the whole book.


I strongly recommend you to chop your hands with a machete before you lay them on this “masterpiece”.


PS:- I don’t know how to write a book review, you may refer to this for some sensible and rest nonsense reviews.

PS:– My apologies to the writer and the publisher for such negativity, but Yeh! It was that bad.

PS:— Image source – this.

Salsa, Accident, Shaktimaan and how I got my bike stolen

28 Jan

So, I was on my way to salsa “test” class, earplugs attached to my ears were singing a random track from my mp3 player, road was open, way was clear, was going to overtake Mahindra Maxx from of-course left side. Twisting Accelerator 40.. 50… 55 … 59  . . . . . . . . . and 40.. 20.. 5 .. 0.02 and Zoom, I was in the air for good 5 mili seconds.

Here is screen-shot of the animation News channels showed only ten thousand times to their visibly (probably mentally) challenged viewers.

Thank god for helmet, my million dollar worth pretty face was safe. Although I did manage to get wounds on both of my knees and my right hand, given that i fell towards my left. So, apparently not only I flew, I even rotated 90 degrees on my axis.

Conclusion 1 : I did a Shaktimaan thing … not the superman one, uber Cool … !!

Landing wasn’t very pleasant, there were potholes filled with muck, waiting there to decorate my light color shirt and new jeans.

When I stood up covered in dirt, the earplugs were still intact and the song i could hear was BEP’s “tonight is going to be a good night” …. hah!! Irony ….

And the poor guy was standing there sheepishly, surrounded by crowd abusing him, coz he had a bigger vehicle. So no matter what, its his fault. And I was thinking of getting out of there and see if I can still make it to the class.

My Expensive (pitaji ki di hui) watch was broken, The shiny bike (since i got it serviced that day itself) was not that shiny any more with legguard, handle, indicator not at there correct places  … But still i was feeling sympathetic to that guy or may be i just wanted to go off the scene …

And to my luck … the police showed up. Before they could’ve made it any worse, I accepted others’ suggestion and left with that guy in his vehicle for a hospital, believing that his “baccha (second in command)” will get it repaired.

Oh! and was I wrong, he took me to his house to wash my wounds. and …

1. I had to clean my wounds in an open area,

2. His mom kept asking me questions (in telugu)

3. I was suddenly a monkey in the big mauhalla and every-one couldn’t resist staring at me. some people even came from their house to this guy’s house to see me. Ok I know I’ve got smoking hot body with not 6 or 8 but a full family pack, But still …

Conclusion 2: Fame comes at a cost of sacrificing personal privacy. Now I know how Britney feels 😀

After 15 minutes this guy (Madhu, As his mother was screaming at him using this name) came with his Baccha and one more guy, and asked me if the person with me got my bike…

I was like ….

They stole my bike, it was probably all a setup, to steal my bike… Those people from the road side were also involved, may be the policeman too. It could be a big gang, who steal vehicles… I m  not going to leave them, I am an IT guy I’ve the power of information …. What if they kill me ….  no no no … I want my mommy … I don’t want a bike … It was old anyways … I can go to office with ‘Malik’ …. etc. etc..

Yeh, seriously all this went through my mind when i had that FUUU expression on my face.

Conclution 3 : Never trust people, specially a 25+ yr person whom ppl still call “baccha”.

Hence, I forgot about everything else and went with them to search for my bike (Actually to get out of their area at-least). And that was when i spotted my bike parked out of a Tea-stall. Oh it was a blissful moment, like the slow motion run and hug scene from the 80’s love stories. Quite a bit like this …

Not from the movie of course … but you got the picture right ;).

And as it turned out, that Tea-stall guy parked it there, so that police won’t tow-away my bike….

Conclusion 4 : Some times its owkay to trust people … just make sure they are not 25+ yr old and still goes by pet name “baccha”.

So, I got my bike back, requested god to not make my evening any more eventful, and I left that place …

PS:- Went to bidar(130 Km form hyderabad) of bike very next day.

PS:– Got a Titnes shot 36 hours after the accident.

PS:— Still limping little bit.

PS:—- No plans still to see a doctor.

Gulal – review

14 Mar

I don’t write reviews … this is probably my first review … but when I saw such a bad response from audience for such an exceptional movie, I couldn’t resist.


I am not an Anurag Kashyap fan, I enjoyed Dev D but I was not awestruck as I was by this one. It’s a movie which reaches to your brain and squeeze it so badly that either you can’t stand the pain and quit or just enjoys it till the climax.

I don’t know about Rajasthan, but spending my teenage in MP, I’ve seen how filthy college politics could be. I could so relate me, you, any one to Dileep Singh played by Raja Chaudhary. That is what exactly happens to many bright students who are just there to study but ultimately end up loosing themselves, just because they get sick of being called fattoo.

And there is one name which should be praised more than Mr. Kashyap for the movie, and that name is Piyush Mishra. He is the Music Director, Lyricist and Actor in the movie. There’s no doubt that songs of the movie are outstanding and have been placed so perfectly it carries the tension and mood from the beginning to the end.

Gulal is pleasant break from the usual ha ha he he ho ho cinema. I would strongly recommend this movie for two and a half hour of tryst with reality.

Duck Bush Duck … !!

16 Dec

well, i guess by now every “Informed” being must be knowing bout the shoe throwing incident. And for all ignorant, uninformed mortals … here is the glorious moment again.


and again from a different angle …

The expression on Bush’s face didn’t change … may coz his face is expressionless … but the thing which is worth noticing is that Maliki didn’t look surprised at all … it was like he was expecting this …. or he planned this … !!!

I don’t know what will happen to the poor journalist, Muntadar al-Zaidi … but Bush will remember this moment for long long time …!!

Anyways … I was watching this video on some site called … ebaum’s world … there were 1000+ comment on the incident and some of them were sooper hilarious …

So this what xactly the Americans think bout Mr. Bush !!

All that terrorist training they go through and they still f#$%ing miss!!!!


Now if that was Obama getting shoes thrown at him. You know the race card would have been pulled. Oh wait, arabs like Obama. Never mind.


Obama would have caught the shoes, dribbled them back and slam-dunked them back down the guys throat……


Lawl!!! Bush has secret ninja reflexes against Middle eastern shoes, every president goes through ninja training their first month in the white house!


… shoes? what self-respecting sand cricket wears shoes?? … I hope they hang him by his shoelaces… silly sand cricket, shoes are for people…


It was intended to be a biological weapon, as he wore those shoes for 3 months straight without taking them off or showering…little does he know that Bush never takes off his shoes or showers, so his attempts were futile.


shoulda been a f**king grenade


And finally: I told the Prime Minister that this is the last time fly to Bagdhad on “Air Jordan”


lol, thats the most insulting thing to do in muslim culture, its like taking a middle finger and making it fire a bullet


This Iraqi has the guts to do what gutless Americans (including me) should have done a long time ago. But I would have chosen

— I would have chosen potatoes


“…and president bush was not injured…” uh, no shit


The fucker missed…twice!!

— A wasted opportunity…..


thanks for the freedom… now I free you with my shoe, bitch


to bad it wasnt a nade. a video of bush getting fragged would be way better. as u can see it sailed over his head, yet if it was an explosive projectile it would have splash damage and be way more brutal… and funnier to watch.


Bush should have have thrown the shoes back and yelled, “bitch!”


They left out the reason why he threw his shoes! Just before, Bush said “The war is not over,” which upset the reporter and
makes his quote, “This is a farewell kiss, you dog!” make sense.


Homicidal Shoe Terrorist strikes again


This woulda been great if you saw Bush bend down behind the podium, and come back up and start chuckin his shoes. Then he sticks his tongue out at the guy. I’m hungry for tacos.


Wow..even though Bush is pushing old age he still has the moves. This further strengthens my theory that he is an android.


… ironically, the shoes were “air force one’s”



PS : – Here is the link to the site

PS :– No offense meant to the Bush…….

….. I have in my backyard. Rest all please feel offended.

PS :— I so wish Mr. LAAdvani was there instead of Bush.

PS :—- Actually the wishlist is longer … but yaa he tops the list.

PS :—– Why is it that, as soon as i get used to wordpress, they change its format.

Foot Note :_______________________________________________________________

Corporate Slave:- if u spend 22 hours of your weekend working at office.

And I hearby declare my self of being one … !!


Poison @ Hyderabad

13 Oct

To all the people who think night life in Hyderabad sucks, I have just one thing to offer them POISON. The latest addition to the Night clubs in Hyderabad. Located in newly constructed Shangrilla Plaza at Road no. 2 Banjara Hills, is definitely up to the standard set by its sisters in Mumbai and Goa.

Recently the launch of this DJ Aqeel ‘s 3rd nightclub of its kind was in news. As per the review of WOW! Hyderabad, it looked really promising, so thought of checking it out this Sunday night.

We reached Shangrilla plaza at 9:30 PM, and it took 10 more minutes to reach the 7th floor. First reaction was its ok, although the scent they had used was a bit irritating. The bouncers here were human looking, not giants like Zouk has.

Now, May be we were lucky or may be it’s their policy, but we got entry without paying the cover charges. As soon as you enter you’ll see lounge area in your left, with a soft music and great ambiance it’s idle to have chit-chat with friends over few drinks.

But our destination was little further in, the disc …

Now, what makes this place different from other’s …

1. Largest dance floor compared to any of the discs I have been to.

2. Many screens including a projector all playing F-TV.

3. Techno and Trans music, which poison is famous for.

4. Pure bollywood mix from 10:30 onwards for insane dancing.

5. And of course the awesome crowd including many celebrities.

Since, the place has just opened they didn’t have menu cards so ordering was a bit problematic. There was time when server got us really irritated coz everything we think of ordering is what they don’t have.

After 10 the place becomes really crowded, although no one started dancing till we led the way :D. The DJ was awesome and disc lights were adding the feel. We started at 10:30 with two and when we left the dance floor it was near 12 and there were more than 30 people on the floor.

Apart from the Disc there’s a VIP purple room also, which is only for the members are the membership cost is around 1.5 lac per month(according to WOW!).

And yah! forgot mention about the paparazzi es which were continuously clicking pictures of starts and popular personalities, although I didn’t recognize any of them!!

Well, that was one night well spend … finally I’ve started liking Hyderabad. 🙂

PS:- One thing I hate bout Hyderabad is they close down all the discs at 12 PM. 😦

PS: — If you are not into dancing and only interested in dancing, love rock and watch sports a lot, then try Xtreme-sports in front of city center, Banjara-hills.

PS:— I m not going to write what the next post is going to be about, coz I never finish those posts.

PS:—- Didn’t sleep properly for past 3 nights, thanks IIIT for all those night out training.

PS:—– After all these months, I would still rate dancing in OBH ground with 300 ppl over any of the discs.

PS:—— Makes me nostalgic. 😦

PS:——- BBYE … !!

Super Sodexo Market !!

23 Sep

It has been almost 3 and half months since I’ve started working. And since I m as corporate bitch now this post is specially for beings like me, though would be useful for future the puppies :D.

Most of us get Sodexo/full circle meal coupon as part of the salary because of tax redemption from government. And trust me if you do not work or live near Hi-tech city its real pain to spend these specially if u get 2600 Rs. Worth of them every month.

But the good part is other than restaurants many super markets do accept them but all of them have their own rules and based on them I’ve classified them in 4 categories…

1. Best friend of Coupon holder :- The Super market which accept meal coupons for anything they sell and the best of all, even returns currency note as change in return of coupons. So far only Aditya Birla Group’s More (formerly Trinetra) falls in this category.

2. Will do (Kaam chalaau): – Well, these guys are strict about the money in return policy but they you can still buy anything they sell with your coupons. Heritage’s Fresh@ is the only place in this category I’ve found so far.

3. Last resort (Majboori):- Saar!! Food items only. And even if you actually eat detergent? They won’t give it on meal coupons. Reliance fresh, Food Bazzar and all fall in this category.

4. Strict no no(Bhagvaan na kere):- Almost all big brand supermarkets accept these meal coupons but there are few private one like Max fresh, suvidha and all in my locality who doesn’t. For the simple reason that they have to pay tax for it …

Now, there are many other places like Spencer’s, ITC Choupal fresh, Magna super market n all I have not tried using these coupons.

PS: – Ultimately it’s all about saving the tax.

PS: — There are also trendy options like Meal Cards… which look just like the debit or credit cards and works at swap machines and ATM’s too.

PS: — A total goodie-goodie post after last blast.

PS: —- EOP(Exit);

Those good’ol days

29 Aug

well, its 29th of august = convocation – 2 days …

getting little senti remembering all those Good’ol days spent with Good’ol ppl at the Good’ol place …

this is just a 0.00000045th part of all the fun i had there … !!

PS:-  ohhh… !! those good’ol days … !!