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29 Mar

Its been long since I have posted any thing here, too busy
or too lazy or too senti or just whateva :D.


Anyway, want to thank Karan for the tag,


Finally I got time to do it, so here it goes …


My greatest fear …


Actually it’s pretty baffling question to answer. I wasn’t
able to arrive at one acme of all. So, thought of writing top three fears, in
no particular order.


  1. Fear
    of messing things up
    : – I have always had this fear, every time I’ve
    been given a responsibility. That’s why usually avoid taking a decision.



  1. Fear
    of growing up
    : – Seriously don’t want to grow up. Unfortunately it’s
    some thing unavoidable. I know soon I’ll be like every grown up.


Day– office problems Night– Home problems


And then won’t be able to escape by
telling myself, “bade log samhal lenge



  1. Fear
    of getting rejected
    : – Little personal to share.



  1. Fear
    of being alone
    : – As every one … doesn’t want to loose people I care
    for. I always wish I die first …




Well, this is all I can think of … there might be few more …
but mind is too preoccupied.


I tag …


Sica, Sultan of samarkand, Badri, Daka, Jags, Raguram, Ranjai, Chauhan, Bajpai


Really want to know what you guys fear from ….


PS: – Wrote last exam of my B-tech yesterday.

PS: — 15ys of schooling 4yrs of B-tech, all clean record …
is clean no more.

PS: — If u haven’t seen it till now then do check this viral video, superbly hilarious.

PS: —- obviously the Song of the day :- o-zone – Dragostea din tei .

PS: —– You can download the song from here.

PS: —— And do check ORB’s Video collection … its awesome.

PS: ——- Signing off … talli hoo …

The Indian Billionaires (Forbes 2008)

6 Mar

Forbes has released its List of World’s Billionaires ….

Warren Buffett the richest man in the world.Followed by Carlos Slim Helu and William Gates III.

With the year 2007’s “uthapakat”

There are 4 Indians in top 10 (the highest number from a single country), where as last year the no. was 1.

and 10 in top 100.

India has registered total 53 billionaires (Highest in Asia after Russia)

Here is list of top 10 Indian Billionaires

#1 Lakshmi Mittal

World: #4

Net Worth: $45.0 bil


St Xavier’s College
Calcutta, Bachelor of Arts / Science

Heads world’s largest steelmaker, $105 billion (sales) ArcelorMittal, which accounts for 10% of all crude steel production. Just delivered 580 tons to be used in construction of the World Trade Center memorial in New York. With 44% stake, is the company’s largest shareholder. Longtime resident of London is Europe’s richest resident.

#2 Mukesh Ambani

World: #5

Net Worth: $43.0 bil

Age: 50

Education: University of Bombay, Bachelor of Arts / Science
Stanford University, Master of Business Administration

Asia’s richest resident heads petrochemicals giant Reliance Industries, India’s most valuable company by market cap. His fortune is up $22.9 billion since last year, making him the world’s second biggest gainer in terms of dollars. The biggest gainer was his estranged brother Anil, who ranks 6th in the world just behind his older brother. The sons inherited their fortune from their late father, renowned industrialist Dhirubhai Ambani. But they couldn’t get along and in 2005 their mother brokered a peace settlement breaking up the family’s assets. Mukesh is using some of his money to build a 27-story home.

#3 Anil Ambani

World: #6

Net Worth: $42.0 bil

Age: 48

Education: University of Bombay, Bachelor of Arts / Science
University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, Master of Business Administration

The year’s biggest gainer, Anil Ambani, is up $23.8 billion in the past year, and is closing gap with estranged brother, Mukesh, who ranks one spot ahead of him in the world at number five. The sons inherited their fortune from their late father, renowned industrialist Dhirubhai Ambani. But they couldn’t get along and in 2005 their mother brokered a peace settlement breaking up the family’s assets. A marathon runner, his biggest asset is his 65% stake in telecom venture Reliance Communications. He recently raised $3 billion from the highly anticipated initial offering of his Reliance Power, the biggest in India’s history. Despite the hype, the stock tumbled 17% immediately after its February listing. In a bid to appease investors, company’s board recently approved the issue of bonus shares. Still feuding with brother Mukesh: battling him in court over a gas-supply agreement.

#4 Kushal Pal Singh

World: #8

Net Worth: $30.0 bil

Age: 76

Education: Science graduate from Meerut College

Singh is now the world’s richest real estate baron after listing his real estate development company DLF in 2007. The offering helped triple his fortune to $30 billion this year, up from $10 billion. A former army officer, known as K.P., he joined his father-in-law’s Delhi Land & Finance in 1961. Singh later built DLF City in Gurgaon, his showpiece township on the outskirts of Delhi, by acquiring land from farmers. Over time, he transformed it into one of India’s biggest real estate developers. Group plans to raise another $1.5 billion by listing a subsidiary in Singapore. A keen golfer, he now leaves son Rajiv, daughter Pia to run operations.

#5 Shashi & Ravi Ruia

World: #43

Net Worth: $15.0 bil

Age: 62
Brothers run $5.8 billion (sales) Essar Group, with interests in
construction, shipping, power, oil and gas. Became Vodafone’s partner
in India last year in $19.9 billion deal. Own 33% of newly named
Vodafone Essar; Ravi is chair. Extended steel business into North
America with acquisitions of Minnesota Steel and Canada’s Algoma Steel.
Wedding bash for Ravi’s daughter Smiti drew 4,000 guests, including
family friend Richard Branson.

#6 Azim Premji

World: #60

Net Worth: $12.7 bil

Age: 62

Education: Stanford University, Bachelor of Arts / Science

After father’s sudden death Premji, then 21, took over family’s cooking
fat cooking oil company. Has since transformed Wipro into $3.5 billion
(sales) technology services giant. Stock of Wipro, which gets 80% of
its sales overseas, hit lately by appreciating rupee. Unfazed, acquired
outsourcing firm Infocrossing; bought Southeast Asian personal care
products outfit Unza; opened software development center in Mexico and
outsourcing center in the Philippines. Son Rishad, Harvard Business
School grad, started at Wipro last July, setting off speculation about
succession plans.

#7 Sunil Mittal & family

World: #64

Net Worth: $11.8 bil

Age: 50

Education: Punjab University, Bachelor of Arts / Science

Derives fortune from Bharti Airtel, which he cofounded with two
brothers and built into country’s largest mobile phone operator; now
has 60 million customers. Also has interests in life insurance with
Axa; fruits, vegetables with Del Monte Pacific and the Rothschild
family. Wholesale cash-and-carry venture with Wal-Mart still to get off
the ground. Plans to launch direct-to-home satellite television
services. Mittal is currently president of CII, an influential industry

#8 Kumar Birla

World: #76

Net Worth: $10.2 bil

Age: 40

Education: University of Bombay, Bachelor of Arts / Science

London Business School, Master of Business Administration

Inherited commodities conglomerate Aditya Birla Group from late father
13 years ago. Expanded into financial services, telecom, retail. Last
year acquired North American aluminum maker Novelis for over $6 billion
and listed telecom arm Idea Cellular; now in court battling former
partner Tata Group. Birla bought Mumbai school.

#9 Ramesh Chandra

World: #86

Net Worth: $9.6 bil


Education: Indian Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Arts / Science

University of SouthHampton, Master of Science

Structural engineer moved into real estate in 1985 to build
middle-class homes. His publicly traded Unitech, run by his two sons,
is building a 350-acre community of luxury homes in Delhi suburb with
Greg Norman signature golf course. Partnering with Marriot Hospitality
on a chain of hotels and with Indonesia’s Salim group for townships in
eastern India. Recently got prized national license to launch mobile
phone services.

#10 Gautam Adani

World: #91

Net Worth: $9.3 bil


Education: Drop Out

College dropout, spurned father’s textile trading business; imported
scarce plastic polymers, then moved into commodity exports. Listed
Adani in 1994. Diversified into infrastructure 1998, building Mundra
Port, one of first private-sector ports, on western coast; listed it
last November. Yoga fanatic.

Sources 1 . 2 . 3 . 4

The century post

5 Mar

After 3 years and 99 posts + 7 drafts

here I am with, the 100th post …

On this occasion, I though of throwing party to all my lovely readers … who have endured all my PJs, Senitaapa and crappy philosophy…

So …


Only thing is … its virtual 😀

Lets start it with some appetizers and starters …



Enjoy …. 😀

In the mean time … lets go through the History


Though it look as it all started at Sep-21-2005.
But the first post I wrote was back in April – 2005 … But removed them later…

stated with …. shifted to about a year ago.

more history details here

According to the feedback from friends … I made a countdown of 10 best posts …

equation of job !!!


Letter to god


A new but decent logo for IIIT


picture story !!!


Hindi Movies – B


oath for IIITians !!


बहारें फिर आयेंगी !!


new symbol of IIIT


स्वयं लिखी कु्छ पुरानी कवितायेँ !!


IIIT – Trendz => Bonjour

Lets … start with Dinner now …






As you feed your eyes … 😀 … lets go through some stats …


I love worpess for it statistics management …

Joined WordPress on May 3, 2007 ….

Blog Stats

Total Views: 14,799

Best Day Ever: 472 — Sunday, June 17, 2007


Posts: 99

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No stats of Blogspot … 😦

Top 3 posts according to the no. of hits ..


AIEEE counselling 2007


Hindi Movies – B


Dataquest-IDC survey of T-school in India

Some search terms people used to reach my blog …

poems about pom poms

meaning for bevda in hindi

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list of old bollywood movies beginning w

ism dhanbad edn better or iit roorkee ed

‘c’ grade movies


Ohh see it’s already time for desserts and Ice-creams 😀


So, here the party ends …

Thanks to all of you for coming … it was nice having you all here … hope to see you again at the next post … 🙂

Shabba khair …

PS : – iti 100vi post samaptam

PS: — IndiBlogger meet rocked … Couldn’t write a review coz of this post …

PS: — All the blogging tools sucks .. sucks .. sucks big time ..

PS: —- I can’t tell you how much i detest Windows live writer, and then when i haven’t used it …

PS: —– Because it doesn’t get installed .. first it asked for Windows update agent 5.8.02469

PS: —— After installing it … it again asked for update 3.1

PS: ——- After installing that also setup didn’t installed Live writer

PS: ——— Qumana and scribefire is a different story.

PS: ———- This post would have been much longer I wouldn’t have tried using scribefire … lost every thing I wrote when it hanged Mozilla.

PS: ———– GOD I am so frustoo.

PS: ———— Again thank you all for bearing with me this long.

PS: ————– Final Adios ..