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If you promised to take care of me

29 Jul
Sub : If you promised to take care of me,

Fromkelly griffis <gffkelly8@fastwebm

If you promised to take care of me,

I want to come to your country to stay with you,please dont be surprise,my parents were died by food poison and my uncle sent me out from the house,he is wicked man i hate him and i can never stay with him anymore.

if you promised to take care of me and will not cheat me when i come to stay with you,i promised you will never regret having me,my late father has with his bank ($5.8M) Five million eight hundred thousand US in Bamako the capital city of Mali and i am his only daughter living nexk of kin,my uncle is wicked thats why i refused to give him my inheritance and he send me out from the house.I am 18 years old from Cote D’Ivoire,i want to be a nurse when i come to your country,the bank remittance director said i am too small to handle such money that i should look for foreign partner to stand for me for easy transfer and investment purposes,that is why i am seeking for your help if you wish.

Pls,tell me about you? and i want to see your picture how you look like?
From Miss Kelly Griffis,

SPAMS …..   GOD ….. SPAMS ….

PS :- Dose any one know tht … since … 1937 … thr has been no yr which didn’t add a movie to imdb top 250.

PS: — Does any one know that 36% ppl think that farting is a major cause of global warming.

PS: — Does any one know that hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is fear of long words.

PS: —- Does any one know that sesquipedalian means having many syllables.

PS: —– Does any one know that the next sentence is true but you must not believe it.

PS: —— Does any one know that the previous sentence was false.

PS: ——- Does any one know that why i am writing these “Does any one know that” thingy.

PS: ——– Does any one know that … this PS is to say … Taali hoo … sayonara… Khuda hafiz… bbye… Namaste … 🙂

About the Quirks of My Life

11 Jul

I love doing tags … got tagged long back … but didn’t get time to do it, so here it is …

The rules:
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you – himanshu
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

So, Quirks of my life annh…

Well here they are…

1. I just can’t stand the site of someone wasting resources, like water, electricity n all. I use to close my friends faucets when they brush their teeth, switch off the geyser they leave switched on.

2. I think a lot before speaking, and sometimes end up saying nothing at all.

3. I can’t live without company, even for a short walk from hostel room to the water cooler I use to ask everyone of my wing, if they are going to get water.

4. I m not a religionist and have no past bad experiences, but I have *****-phobia I don’t know why, but I have always feared people belonging to that religion. Specially, those who are in the typical dress up.

5. I have habit of collection strange stuff … that includes anything from pics to pieces, videos to stamps anything. Which my friends find weird, What the …X(.

6. I think pessimistically and speak as an optimist. I don’t know why but I have strange belief that opposite of whatever I think or wish will happen.

Now, it’s time to pass

The tag to other baas …

6 blogger I tag … SoS, Jimmy, Sica, Himank, Karan,obelix, ORB

PS: – FYI i know counting … just couldn’t decide which names to drop.

PS: — Went for first company outing yesterday, to pragati resort … never had this much fun in one day.

PS: — Professional life is quite boring though, i miss the hostel life.

PS: —- Suggestion for 4th yr guys … have as much fun as u can … if u don’t … i would be more satisfied *devilsh laugh*


PS: —— Blogroll is still down … developer guys … give us an alternate place for the feeds.

PS: ——- Baah .. Bhaiii !!

स्वयं लिखी कु्छ पुरानी कवितायेँ !! part-2

3 Jul

पेशखिदमत है, धूल सनी diary से उठाई गई एक और कविता

हल्का बहार अँधेरा है,
सर्द हवाओं का डेरा है
कोहरा है सन्नाटा है,
नज़र नही कोई आता है

मायूसी कैसी छाई है,
कर्हाती हर अंगडाई है
हर चाह दबी हुई दिल की,
किस चाह से बहार आई है

महीनो हो चले जब प्यार से,
पीठ किसी ने सहलाई है
क्या अँधेरा इतना गहरा है
की साथ नही परछाई है

उत्सव के इस माहौल मैं क्यों
तन्हाई सा आभास होता है
होटों पैर मुस्कान है पर क्यों,
दिल अंदर ही अंदर रोता है

halka bahar andhera hai,
sard havaon ka dera hai ।
kohra hai sannata hai,
nazar nahi koi aata hai ॥

maayoosi kaisi chhayi hai,
karhaati har angadaai hai ।
har chah dabi hui dil ki,
kis chah se bahar aayi hai ॥

mahino ho chale jab pyar se
peeth kisi ne sehlaai hai ।
kya andhera itna gehra hai
ki saath nahi parchaai hai ॥

utsav ke is maahaul main kyu
tanhaai sa aabhaas hota hai ।
hoton per muskaan hai par kyu,
dil ander hi ander ro rota hai॥


सच्चाई यह है की किताब मैं केवल पहली पंक्तिया ही थी …. बाकी सवयं बनायी, पर संतुष्टि नहीं प्राप्त हुई

तो मेरे प्यारे पाठकों अब यह आपका कार्य है की पहली चार पंक्तियों को अपने तरीके से पूरा करेंसर्व श्रेष्ट प्रति को पुरुस्कृत किया जायेगा* 🙂
हल्का बहार अँधेरा है,
सर्द हवाओं का डेरा है
कोहरा है सन्नाटा है,
नज़र नही कोई आता है ॥  ……….”

So, The truth is, book had only 4 line of the poem and rest i mad up just now … although i m not satisfied with what turned up… so here is a work for all the creative mortal being who come across this post… complete the poem and post it as comment …. the best one will be rewarded*.

*terms and conditions applied 😀

PS :- Finished 1 month in the corporate world.

PS :– Never thought this life would be so boring.

PS :— On this public portal, i m announcing it loudly and proudly … I hate Arjun Singh.

PS :—- coming up next … a tag post, watch out … i m gonna tag u .. u and yes u too.

PS :—– Its becoming harder to reach even 5 PS these days.

PS :—— some tell me a good book to learn Cpp from, give that i already know C.

PS :——-  … AYBABTM …