Arranged Marriages

10 Oct

Of course … 


You would definitely have seen this coming. 


I am not defending it, or supporting it. I am just getting annoyed over the memes & facebook posts like these … 





I mean come on … you are all giving us a bad name … Arranged marriage isn’t all about SEX…




It’s the expression of respect to our parents and their choice …  




And I need not remind you how successful arranged marriages are.

Thanks to arranged marriages, divorce rate is very less in india …



So, what I am saying is don’t jump the wagon … and assume it’s all bad. 

Your parents knows world a lot better than you do.

With arranged marriage you’ve a better chance of finding a nice, caring, intelligent, well behaved & PRETTY girl.



So all you self dependent guys (The Males) being foul mouth about Arranged Marriages.

If you’ve a girl in life (really ? oh well congrats ) be a man … and go be her man. 

Else, i think you are afraid to breakup with your right hand.


Last point … you don’t marry a complete stranger. They give you few weeks or sometimes months to know each other.





PS:- The dead blogger rise again. After lot of motivation from the wife.

PS:– No intended disrespect to anyone, except for congress party … FU Con-dis-grace 

Dear Blog…

9 Dec

It’s been very long, since I visited you. I am sorry I’ve been cheating on you with work. The rat race got to me and got me drifted away from you.

Yesterday, while talking to my better half, I recalled you and then I realized how I grew up with you..

Our relationship lasted for a good 6+ years, but last one and half year marked our time completely apart, I did see you some time from distance but never spoke a word …

But no worries, Now is the time to revive and I am back …  I promise you minimum one post a month.

Chal ! cya … take care 😉

Be gentle with the visiting reader 😉

Please change but not for me

15 Jun

So here’s a thing about people, be it your family, friends or colleagues. Every single one of them have a suggestion for you, things you need to change.

Say for example, you don’t like hurting people by saying no to their request. And you end up doing things you don’t like, going to places you don’t wanna go.

Now, your close and concerned friend will tell, dude grow up… learn to say no. Do what you like.

It takes some time but you starts to get it, and starts practicing it.

Now, the same friend comes to you asking for a something you totally detest but used to agree to do before. Now when you deny (After this person’s suggestion) you are changed. You are not the same friends as you used to be.


Don’t get me started on the relatives now ….


So effectively the conclusion is … You can’t escape it. You were born doomed ….

Shaitan and CineMax Bangalore – Review

12 Jun

So, Today abruptly we decided to checkout the just opened first CineMax of Bangalore, in new Bangalore Central at Sarjapur Road. My friends were tired of listing to me bitch about Innovative Multiplex anyways. This place is such a relief, small screens but sound system and seating is great … for the 150 Rs. price of weekend … It’s the best place for me in Bangalore right now.

Now the movie… SHAITAN

The last two movies I reviewed here were of the same genre, That doesn’t mean I like dark movies … It’s just that I feel so compelled to talk about them and most of my friend end up not liking them and I resort to blog about it.

The movie is dark no doubt about it, but not as dark as either of the movies I reviewed before, LSD and Gulaal. But it had it’s high points. The story is pretty simple 5 friends, boozing and doping, one mistake and end up in a big mess, and things starts to get ugly from there on. The end is what took me for a surprise, a pleasant one at that.

The cinematography and the background score is marvelous, the best part of the movie. Except Kalki Koechlin as Amrita Jayshankar a.k.a. Amy and Neil Bhopalam as Zubin Shroff other performances were pretty average. Talking about the Direction … well Bejoy Nambiar  is no Anurag Kashyap, but then this movie is no Gulaal or DevD either.

It’s not a masterpiece, but definitely a teat for the fans of Mr. Kashyap and this genre. Go, watch it … without very high expectations You’ll like it.

The Betrayal !!

15 May

The day I first saw you

I knew we were made for each other,

How can you forget

all those nights we spent together.


spending hours in a row,

I never took my eyes off you,

I forgot the world

Lost in you I went cuckoo.


Oh I was so blind

Now I feel like a dumbhead

should have seen it coming

you and my best friend in bed


All that love and affaction

all the money I spend on your accessories

sitting on my lap taking

you use to take away my worries


I did something wrong

Or was I just not enough

Were you bored of me

or you needed more stuff


Why Did you cheat on me

Go on, now tell me the truth

you slept with someone else

You disloyal, Lenovo Intel i7 Notebook !!

The ‘U’ Word

1 May

“Uncle, Please pass the ball”,

“Uncle, Can you help me out here?” ,

“There it is Uncle” …



If you get to hear the ‘U’ word more than once a day, from more than two kids … Well congratulations you’ve just graduated from Bhaiya(brother) to Uncle. All of us, well in their mid twenties, have to go through this painful phase.

Like increase in hair-fall, the first white hair, gain in waist size and of-course nagging for marriage at home wasn’t enough. The vicious little kids have to refer us with the ‘U’ word every frikin time.

This always remind me of a particular character from a very popular 90’s TV series Hum Paanch, Certain Miss Pooja Aunty. She use to jump 4 feet if one of girls call her Aunty. It used to be super funny back then … I guess now I know her pain!!

On the same line there use to an advertisement for hair dye, Don’t remember the brand exactly … but in that add too there was the lady who realize she’s getting old after a young boy calls her aunty … and she immediately resort to the anti-aging miracle the kesh kala.Since I can’t locate that add on the Internet … Enjoy this instead … 😉

Though I’ve only come across examples of unhappy females … but let me tell you, we guys are not so fond of the ‘U’ word either. And lucky for ladies … they only get the Aunty tag after getting married.

Of course, It’s the phase of life we all have to go through eventually, but the only thing is we are never seems to be ready to accept it.

It’s funny, how we always prefer being called a MAN instead of a BOY but we are still allergic to UNCLE and feel cozy with the word BHAIYA.

बेटियां !!

25 Apr

क्या लिखों, की वो परियों का रूप होती है,
या कड़कती ठण्ड में सुहानी धूप होती है |
वो होती है उदासी में हर मर्ज़ की दावा की तरह,
या उमस में शीतल हवा की तरह |
वो चिड़ियों की चेह्चाहाट है,
या निश्छल खिल खिलाहट है |
वो आँगन में फैला उजाला है,
या मेरे गुस्से पर लगा ताला है |
वो पहाड़ की छोटी पर उजली किरण है,
वो जीने का सही आचरण है |
है वो ताकत जो छोटे से घर को महल कर दे,
वो काफिया जो किसी ग़ज़ल को मुक्कमल कर दे |
वो अक्षर जो न हो तो वर्णमाला अधूरी है,
वो जो सबसे ज्यादा ज़रूरी है |
ये नहीं कहूँगा की सांस सांस होती है,
क्योकि बेटियां तो बस एहसास होती है |

वो मुझसे ऑस्ट्रेलिया में छुट्टियाँ,
मर्सिडीस की ड्राईव, फाइव स्टार में खाने,
या नए नए आई पोड्स नहीं मांगती |
न ही वो बहुत सारे पैसे
अपने पिग्गी बैंक में उडेलना चाहती है,
वो बस कुछ देर मेरे साथ खेलना चाहती है |

में बस यही कहता रहता हूँ,
बेटा काम ज़रूरी है, नहीं करूंगा तो कैसे चलेगा
ये मजबूरी भरे दुनियादारी की जवाब देने लगता हूँ |
वो झूठा ही सही, पर मुझे एहसास कराती है
जैसे सब समझ गयी हो
लेकिन आँखें बंद करके रोती है,
सपने में खेलते हुए मेरे साथ सोती है |
ज़िन्दगी जाने क्यों इतनी उलझ जाती है,
और हम समझते हैं बेटियां सब समझ जाती हैं|



PS:- Written by Mr. Shailesh lodha.

PS:– The picture courtesy

PS:— For those who can’t read Devanagari, please visit The glow of dawn.

PS:—- And here’s the youtube video of it.