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The Betrayal !!

15 May

The day I first saw you

I knew we were made for each other,

How can you forget

all those nights we spent together.


spending hours in a row,

I never took my eyes off you,

I forgot the world

Lost in you I went cuckoo.


Oh I was so blind

Now I feel like a dumbhead

should have seen it coming

you and my best friend in bed


All that love and affaction

all the money I spend on your accessories

sitting on my lap taking

you use to take away my worries


I did something wrong

Or was I just not enough

Were you bored of me

or you needed more stuff


Why Did you cheat on me

Go on, now tell me the truth

you slept with someone else

You disloyal, Lenovo Intel i7 Notebook !!


Let The Men Hold Pinkies Campaign

27 Oct

Dear Readers,

I am writing this with a very heavy heart. It’s high time for all of us to unite. We’ve ignored this problem for so long, but now we’ll not any more.

As you know, that out freedom is at stake, freedom to express yourself openly, without any questions arising. I still remember those times when a guy and another guy and roam around freely, without hesitation. Nobody questioned their orientation even when they walk swinging their hand holding their pinkies. I know it sounds too good to be true, but that was such time … the golden 90’s.


But by the end of first decade of 2000 everything has changed. It all started with that vicious big budget multi starrer movie “which can’t be named” (Obviously the writer is referring to Karan Johar’s DOSTANA).

That was the start of actual AD (After Dostana), and within a year everything changed. All the straight male started getting emotionally harassed, by the people they considered their own, their sisters, cousins, friends, gal friends even in worst case their mothers and grandma’s.

They could no more stay alone with another male friend of theirs. Hugging and pulling each other was like a taboo. Shaking hands was allowed but not holding them. We tried to fit us in with all the rules, but still the taunts never stopped, every day every hour, never went without mention of “you know which movie”.

But as I said, It’s time to say no. If we don’t do anything now, then it would be too late. What kind of country do you want to give you male child, the country with every day every hour questions him. How to go out, how to behave with other guys? How would you face you child when he grow up and ask you, why Dad why didn’t you do something when the problem was emerging, why did you waited till it was too late… That moment will definitely suck. Let’s not wait for that moment to arrive, let’s do something now … like the king of rock and roll the great mighty Elvis said ones –“It’s now or never

So, I humbly urge you all to agree to sign a PIL with me, to put stop to all this right now, let’s make “you know which” movie forbidden to Indian females. And make it illegal to comment on a man and a man relationship. Let’s make this as huge as the pink chaddi campaign.

Let’s tell them, that we are united and we’ll not tolerate this anymore. We will if needed could go till Amaran Anshan(till death hunger strike). We’ll call this …

Let The Men Hold Pinkies Campaign


PS : first Pic Courtesy Shelly.


10 Mar

There is saying – “opinions are like *a body part* every one has one”


so, untrue … !!


Actually less than 1% people have some genuine opinion ..
70% just assume that to be there opinion … because it sounds cool to them …
and more than 28% just to stand out of the herd, form the opposite opinion then others and starts calling them stupid …
and less than 1% mortals actually accept that they dont have any opinion …



PS:- This is my opinion …. !!

स्वयं लिखी कु्छ पुरानी कवितायेँ !! part-2

3 Jul

पेशखिदमत है, धूल सनी diary से उठाई गई एक और कविता

हल्का बहार अँधेरा है,
सर्द हवाओं का डेरा है
कोहरा है सन्नाटा है,
नज़र नही कोई आता है

मायूसी कैसी छाई है,
कर्हाती हर अंगडाई है
हर चाह दबी हुई दिल की,
किस चाह से बहार आई है

महीनो हो चले जब प्यार से,
पीठ किसी ने सहलाई है
क्या अँधेरा इतना गहरा है
की साथ नही परछाई है

उत्सव के इस माहौल मैं क्यों
तन्हाई सा आभास होता है
होटों पैर मुस्कान है पर क्यों,
दिल अंदर ही अंदर रोता है

halka bahar andhera hai,
sard havaon ka dera hai ।
kohra hai sannata hai,
nazar nahi koi aata hai ॥

maayoosi kaisi chhayi hai,
karhaati har angadaai hai ।
har chah dabi hui dil ki,
kis chah se bahar aayi hai ॥

mahino ho chale jab pyar se
peeth kisi ne sehlaai hai ।
kya andhera itna gehra hai
ki saath nahi parchaai hai ॥

utsav ke is maahaul main kyu
tanhaai sa aabhaas hota hai ।
hoton per muskaan hai par kyu,
dil ander hi ander ro rota hai॥


सच्चाई यह है की किताब मैं केवल पहली पंक्तिया ही थी …. बाकी सवयं बनायी, पर संतुष्टि नहीं प्राप्त हुई

तो मेरे प्यारे पाठकों अब यह आपका कार्य है की पहली चार पंक्तियों को अपने तरीके से पूरा करेंसर्व श्रेष्ट प्रति को पुरुस्कृत किया जायेगा* 🙂
हल्का बहार अँधेरा है,
सर्द हवाओं का डेरा है
कोहरा है सन्नाटा है,
नज़र नही कोई आता है ॥  ……….”

So, The truth is, book had only 4 line of the poem and rest i mad up just now … although i m not satisfied with what turned up… so here is a work for all the creative mortal being who come across this post… complete the poem and post it as comment …. the best one will be rewarded*.

*terms and conditions applied 😀

PS :- Finished 1 month in the corporate world.

PS :– Never thought this life would be so boring.

PS :— On this public portal, i m announcing it loudly and proudly … I hate Arjun Singh.

PS :—- coming up next … a tag post, watch out … i m gonna tag u .. u and yes u too.

PS :—– Its becoming harder to reach even 5 PS these days.

PS :—— some tell me a good book to learn Cpp from, give that i already know C.

PS :——-  … AYBABTM …

A to Z… !!

4 Feb

A to Z of me… !!

A-Age: 22

B-Band listening to right now:Perl Jam

C-Career: Hardware designing

D-Drink or Smoke: Don’t

E-Easiest friends to talk to: VaaaR gang

F-Funniest moment of your life: When i found out one of my friend is a fan of Ekta kapoor

G-Gummy bears or gummy worms: Gummy bears … (don’t know what does it indicate though)

H-Have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Nope

I-In love: depends which type.

J-Junk food you like: Subway paneer tikka sandwich.

K-Kids: Does keser count ??

L-Longest ride ever: Distance wise form delhi to trivendrum, time wise delhi to hyd.

M-Man/woman you love the most: can’t decide

N-Names for your kids: boy – shikandi girl – raamkatori

O-One wish you have now: that i’ll get 3 more wishes

P-Phobias: Phobophobia- Fear of phobias

Q-Quote (favorite): “Life is a sexually transmitted disease”
R-Reasons to smile: Friends n family

S-Sleeping hours: from 1-3AM to 8-10AM

T-Time you woke up: 6-8 hrs from sleeping time

U-Unknown fact about you: Other have made all the major decisions for me

V-Vegetable you hate: Cabbage

W-Worst habit: Laziness

X-X-rays you’ve had: Leg

Y-Yummy foods: Food which make me nostalgic

Z-Zodiac sign: Libra

I tag …

Sultan of Samarkand- let the junta know little more bout u

Badri – never wrote a second post after that come back … (with very less hope)

Ranjai- No more blank posts .. write some thing

Raghura- reason for writing another post …

Bappe- it has been years since u worte anything

Sica- If donn wanna write bout goa trip

Himank, Maruti, Aniket, Karan – a reason to take rest from Felicity work

Obelix, ORB, Baba – guys increase the frequency of your posts …

Every one reading this blog is free to pick this tag … do link back to my page 😀

PS: – Picked this from some one’s blog a long time ago but forgot to keep the link.

PS: — Been to Nift for the Indian Ocean show, it was OK, just OK.

PS: — Still have to start working on Religion n Society PPT :(.

PS: —- Last felicity … “Lets get retarded”

PS: —– 5th and final PS …

Movie Tagline… !!

1 Feb

Well, was jobless enough…


Superman returns

To get new pair of red underwear


Batman begins

Same shit again


I know what you did last summer

Your vet told me everything


It’s a wonderful life

After your death


Apocalypse now

Lunch later


To kill a mockingbird

Send it to negotiate with the dean


Saving private ryan

For public


Some like it hot

Specially when served in bed


On the waterfront

Your chances of drowning increases


Once upon a time in America

There were people with brain now there are Bushes.


Mr. Smith goes to Washington

And realized he is in wrong simulation of the matrix


Kill Bill

All rights reserved by Hillary and Monika


Life of brain

Filled with twist and turns


V for vendetta

X for xrrr Y for you moron!! Z – Zuck off!! Lets start with 1,2,3 now


Children of men

Oh yah! Men are having children and Cows are flying


American Gangster

Indian Politician


Grind House

Take my grinder


Twelve Monkeys

Lives in my wing


Bride of Frankenstein

Every one has after two years of marriage


Pirates of Caribbean

Have their successors in Lok sabha these days


Extra terrestrial

Has a beard, wear a cap and is a nasal singer


The Matrix reloaded

Out of ammos eh?


The Incredibles

Me and my …


The day after tomorrow

Will become ‘tomorrow’ tomorrow


The mummy

And dead (dad)


Gone with the wind

And never came back



What women want?

Who knows better then me… 😀


There is some thing bout Mary

Is she a he?


Planet of the apes

Is where MJ came from?


PS: – a PS saying there is no PS…