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Shaitan and CineMax Bangalore – Review

12 Jun

So, Today abruptly we decided to checkout the just opened first CineMax of Bangalore, in new Bangalore Central at Sarjapur Road. My friends were tired of listing to me bitch about Innovative Multiplex anyways. This place is such a relief, small screens but sound system and seating is great … for the 150 Rs. price of weekend … It’s the best place for me in Bangalore right now.

Now the movie… SHAITAN

The last two movies I reviewed here were of the same genre, That doesn’t mean I like dark movies … It’s just that I feel so compelled to talk about them and most of my friend end up not liking them and I resort to blog about it.

The movie is dark no doubt about it, but not as dark as either of the movies I reviewed before, LSD and Gulaal. But it had it’s high points. The story is pretty simple 5 friends, boozing and doping, one mistake and end up in a big mess, and things starts to get ugly from there on. The end is what took me for a surprise, a pleasant one at that.

The cinematography and the background score is marvelous, the best part of the movie. Except Kalki Koechlin as Amrita Jayshankar a.k.a. Amy and Neil Bhopalam as Zubin Shroff other performances were pretty average. Talking about the Direction … well Bejoy Nambiar  is no Anurag Kashyap, but then this movie is no Gulaal or DevD either.

It’s not a masterpiece, but definitely a teat for the fans of Mr. Kashyap and this genre. Go, watch it … without very high expectations You’ll like it.

about the boardings and the advertisements

8 May

1. A cleaver advertisement by a fitness center, exploiting recent shoe throwing incidents, frm Times of India New Delhi. (please excuse my mobile cam for the blur)


2. captured at Mahabaleswar, (i know i know this is probably how its spelled in marathi, but in hindi …)


3. This one is from Cine max hyderabad, (Peeing has never been this fun, unless u’ve been suffering from the pressure for 3-4 hours)


4. Yashwantpur (bangalooru) railway station, (i know there is only one mistake, but the funny part is, there was more spit on the board or around then any wall…


5. This is the Ledgendary Disclaimer board belongs to Mount Opera, Hyderabad (try counting no. of mistakes)


PS: Probably another Desperate attampt to blog.